Fine Japanese Calligraphy by Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase

Fine Japanese Calligraphy
The Art of Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase

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Fine Art Japanese Calligraphy

"Modern materials work very well with Japanese Calligraphy. From Western-style papers to watercolor and my recent obsession, acrylics, I have found a new level of expression that can only be described as liberating."

Traditional Japanese art and materials work well within Japanese architecture and decor. The same pieces though risk being overwhelmed or out of place in a Western-style room. One of the benefits of using modern mediums is how well the art created with these mediums fit into the home. Certainly the purpose of art is not to sit in a gallery or on a museum wall, just as the purpose of a fine automobile is not to sit on a showroom floor. Art is meant to be part of life and part of living. And more than ever these mediums offer a way to bring Japanese Calligraphy home.



"Acrylics offer a new dimension of color and texture. I approach acrylics in two different ways. One is to mimic the process of traditional calligraphy by first creating a unique and beautifully textured background and, with a liquid acrylic, create the calligraphy in one pass. The other is more deliberate with not only consideration to the texturing and layering of the background but also to the calligraphy itself." Eri Takase

Japanese Calligraphy - Acrylic - Afterglow




"For adding subtle color to an otherwise traditional design there is nothing better than the translucent and delicate nature of watercolors."



Mixed Media

"Mixed media is a celebration of paper which plays such an important part in Japanese Calligraphy. The mechanical interaction between the brush and the texture of the paper is absolutely key. And paper itself - with its warm texture - it is almost irresistible to touch."

Over decades I have collected paper and at the studio we even make our own. I will always be fond of this medium."

"Poem by Kinotsura no Yuki"

Flower petals dancing,
I cannot feel cold under this tree,
With cherry blossoms falling,
Like snow


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