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Welcome to Takase Studios. Over the years we have worked with thousands of individuals around the world creating art that has become family treasures.

We specialize in custom Japanese calligraphy and our goal is to create exactly the art you want. We have a fun and informative process where we show you examples, get your feedback, make new samples and continue until the art is exactly the way you want it. The whole time you will be working directly with Master Takase who will answer your questions and offer ideas and options: We want you will be as happy with the translation as you will be with the beautiful art.

Master Takase's work has been described as refined and cultured and she has been praised not only for her beautiful art but also for her approachability, courtesy, and professionalism. So please take a look around and if you have any questions or would like to discuss your idea please contact us or email Master Takase directly at

Custom Japanese Scrolls

Spirit of Battle - SenkiJapanese Scrolls, called kakemono, make a very special and thoughtful gift that arrive ready to display.

With each custom scroll we work with you personally on each step of the process including options for translation, fonts, and the layout. We email sample designs that we discuss and then modify as needed. And we do this until the sample is exactly the way you want it. This way you have input at every step and can see how the scroll will look before it is created.

Each scroll is personally hand brushed by Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase when your order is placed. The scrolls themselves are imported from Nara Japan and are made with high quality silk borders and Japanese paper and are designed to last generations.

These scrolls can be completed and mailed in as little as a few days and are shipped from the United States. Visit Custom Japanese Scrolls for more details.

The scroll shown here is an original based on Miyamoto Musashi's famous senki or Spirit of Battle calligraphy. See Miyamoto Musashi Senki to learn more.


Custom Japanese Calligraphy

 Custom Japanese Calligraphy

Work directly with Master Eri Takase to create a custom work of Art. Framed and unframed options are available and work is usually completed in a few days. Mailed from the continental United States for speedy delivery.

Also See Romantic Art Gifts

Traditionally in the US the 1st wedding anniversary (and in the UK the 2nd) is the paper anniversary. We have many gift ideas perfect for an anniversary gift - and the work on handmade Japanese paper will last generations.


Custom Tattoo Design

Tattoo designs are personal artistic expressions with both a meaning and a look. We would love to work with you and together create a design that is exactly right for you.

Custom Tattoo Design

We would love to work with you on a completely custom tattoo design and we also have several personalized design ideas like the Family Bonds design that celebrates the family and the Soul Mates design that celebrates true love.


Japanese Tattoo Design Gallery

Visit our gallery of ready made tattoo designs - this is great to browse through if you are not sure the font or the style that you would like. Here you will find literally thousands of Master Takase's hand-brushed designs.

Eternal Love (eiai) - Japanese Kanji Tattoo

This design is an original semi-cursive font of Eternal Love with the kanji  永愛 read eiai.


Names in Japanese

This is a catalog of over ten thousand names meticulously translated to beautiful Japanese Calligraphy. Each name was carefully researched and documented and then Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase turned these translations into beautiful works of art.



Commercial Graphic Design

We were pleased to work with San Franciscan perfumer Ineke Ruhland and her graphic design team of Helena Seo on the calligraphy for her perfume: Gilded Lily

The schedule was extremely tight with the original request for calligraphy on Friday and the final calligraphy for the product and packaging delivered on Sunday.

If you are looking for world-class Japanese Calligraphy for your product or marketing material, we would love to work with you. Visit Takase Studios' Custom Commercial Design for more information.


Learn Japanese Calligraphy

Learn Japanese CalligraphyLearn Japanese Calligraphy with Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase. Eri Takase's Learn Japanese Calligraphy is a unique series of CD's that teaches the basics of Japanese calligraphy on CD-ROM so you can see Master Takase brush the characters.

With calligraphy, movement is everything and being able to see a master brush the characters is essential to learning proper technique and is something you simply cannot get from a book.

Not sure what you want? Want to see lots of examples? Then visit our sister site StockKanji - Japanese Calligraphy Designs which has thousands of original designs by Master Takase - this is a terrific for getting ideas and you may even find the perfect design.

Heart Sutra Mantra

Heart Sutra Mantra
by Eri Takase

Heart Sutra Mantra

"Gyatei, gyatei, ha ra gyatei, hara so- gyatei, boji sowaka"

hannya shingyo

The Dalai Lama translates this as "go, go, go beyond, go thoroughly beyond, and establish yourself in enlightenment"

This work of art by Master Takase is on natural, handmade Japanese paper. The framing was done to show the four deckled edges tacking the artwork onto a white mat and finishing with a black frame with a slight gold border.

Work directly with Master Takase to create exactly the art that you want. To learn more visit Custom Japanese Calligraphy.


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About the Artist

Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri TakaseIn 1989, Master Calligrapher Eri Takase was awarded the highest rank in Japanese Calligraphy, of Shihan. As a member of Japan's most prestigious calligraphic society Eri Takase is among the few to have won multiple best of category awards in national competitions and her work has been displayed in the Osaka Museum of Art. See  Traditional Japanese Calligraphy to view some of her award winning art. Master Takase has been living and working in the United States since 1995.




Master Takase received national attention when her art was selected by TV Guide for their 60th Primetime Emmy Awards Party. Her art was the centerpiece of the main display and the elegant invitations were so special they were featured on NBC's prime time entertainment show EXTRA.

60th Prime Time Emmy Awards - TV Guide After Party
60th Prime Time Emmy Awards - TV Guide After Party
Calligraphy by Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase


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