Haiku by Buson

The mountains darken,
taking the crimson,
from the autumn leaves

This haiku by Buson beautifully captures an autumn evening in the mountains. Buson was also a noted painter and his haiku are notable for containing vivid imagery. In this piece, I use acrylics to capture the feeling of the scene.

This original work by Master Takase is on a gallery wrap canvas. This means that the art does not require framing and arrives ready to display.


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yama kurete
momiji no ake wo
ubai keri
The mountains darken,
taking the crimson,
from the autumn leaves


Yosa Buson (与謝蕪村, 1716-1784) was, as well as being one of the most influential haiku poets of the Edo period, also a renowned painter. And Buson’s sense of color and imagery is often featured in his haiku.

In this work, I wanted to capture both the beauty of the poem as well as the color and imagery the poem evokes and felt acrylics to be the perfect medium. As the sun sets behind a mountain on a crisp autumn evening, the poet notices the beautiful autumn colors that had been so spectacular, were being taken away by the shadows.


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