Wonder (myou)

7″ W x 8″ H Wonder (myou) on mini-shikishi with holder. The character 妙 is the same one used in nam-myo-ho-renge-kyo to describe the wonderous Law.

The calligraphy is of the Japanese character 妙 read “myou” which means `exquisite’, `mystery’, `miracle’, `excellent’, `delicate’, `charming’

In Buddhism Myou (of Nam-myo-ho-renge-kyo) is used to describe the sutras as being “Wonderful, mystic, without peer, or beyond conception. This term is used to describe the Buddhist Law, which is wonderful and beyond ordinary understanding.”

The kanji 妙 is also a name in Japanese and can be read either “myou” or “tae”.

This is an original, hand-brushed work by Master Calligrapher Eri Takase.

$45.00 $35.00


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