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Guest Area

Welcome to Takase Shodokai Guest Area

This area shows the outline for the entire first year of the course. Sample lessons from the first CD are also given. To order the lessons please visit Takase Shodokai. Calligraphy supplies and sets are also available.

CD001 Section 1 Kaisho Basic

Lessons 1 - 6

1. tools 2. lines 3. ei (eternity) 4. hon (book) 5. ji (self) 6. yuu (reason)

CD002 Section 2 Kaisho Basic

Lessons 7 - 12

7. shu (lord) 8. tsuki (moon) 9. hana (flower) 10. iwa (rock) 11. tomo (friend) 12. me (eye)

CD003 Section 3 Kaisho Basic

Lesson 13 - 18

13. mimi (ear) 14. te (hand) 15. kome (rice) 16. kuni (country) 17. hikari (light) 18. sora (sky)

CD004 Section 4 Kaisho Basic

Lesson 19 - 24

19. ken (look) 20. tenchi (heaven) 21. harukaze (spring wind) 22. kokki (self-restraint) 23. senshin (clear mind) 24. ki (joy)

CD005 Section 5 Kaisho Basic - Katakana

Lessons 25 - 30

This CD covers Katakana with a section on writing non-Japanese names. This CD is currently being worked on.

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