Seishintouitsu – Concentration of Mind – This article describes seishintouitsu as a common theme in Japanese arts including Martial Arts, Calligraphy and the Tea Ceremony.

The Japanese Writing System –

Traditional Japanese Calligraphy by Eri Takase – This article gives an introduction to what is involved in competing in Japanese national Calligraphy competitions and shows three pieces of Master Takase’s award winning art.

Washi – Japanese Paper – To be written


Anime Reign Interview – This is from a 2014 interview with Anime Reign. One of the coolest things to come out of this interview was we showed a secret ninjutsu waza makimono for the first time ever!

California Reiki Interview – In this interview Eri talks about what it takes to make some of the large competitive pieces. Topics discussed are focusing one’s kitanden, and being able to see and manipulate the art before it is created.

Photoshop Magazine Interview – This was an interview for the Turkish edition of Photoshop Magazine where Master Takase discusses how she uses modern tools in her art and business.

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