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Fine Japanese Calligraphy
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List of Japanese Words - A

Japanese calligraphy of words and sayings make beautiful works of art. Whether art suitable for framing for your home or office - or more personally artwork on your body  - we have thousands of designs personally created by Master Takase and each meticulously translated and documented. We give you all the information so you can easily verify the translations for yourself so you can be as happy with the translation as you are with the beautiful art.

This is a list of common Japanese words and phrases  - many of which are used in this website. Most of these Japanese words are available as hand-brushed Japanese Calligraphy Designs suitable for tattoos, craft, and commercial use. Each design was hand-lettered by Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase and professionally scanned and documented. Links to independent sources, including Japanese/English dictionaries, are given so you can be absolutely sure the translations are correct. To see the complete catalog of Japanese Words visit our on-line catalog at StockKanji - Catalog of Japanese Words.

Japanese Kanji Symbols You Can Trust - Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase has been creating custom designs for over fifteen years with thousands upon thousands of satisfied customers. You have probably even seen Master Takase's work in movies, on TV, or in print or even on a favorite product. Now you can have beautiful Japanese Calligraphy as a part of your own personal expression whether it be for art, body art, crafts or for commercial use.

English Word Japanese Kanji Japanese Word
1 Corinthians 13-13 Faith, Hope and Love Japanese for 1 Corinthians 13-13 Faith, Hope and Love (shinkou to kibou to ai) shinkou to kibou to ai
1000 Cranes Japanese for 1000 Cranes (senbadzuru) senbadzuru
A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step Japanese for A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step (senri no michi mo ippo yori) senri no michi mo ippo yori
Acceptance Japanese for Acceptance (judaku) judaku
Accomplishment Japanese for Accomplishment (jouju) jouju
Action Before Words Japanese for Action Before Words (fugenjikkou) fugenjikkou
Actress Japanese for Actress (joyuu) joyuu
Adaptable Japanese for Adaptable (tekiou) tekiou
Adventure Japanese for Adventure (bouken) bouken
Advertisement Japanese for Advertisement (koukoku) koukoku
Aiki Japanese for Aiki (aiki) aiki
Aikido Japanese for Aikido (aikidou) aikidou
All is Saiou's Horse Japanese for All is Saiou's Horse (jinkan banji saiou ga uma) jinkan banji saiou ga uma
All is Vanity Japanese for All is Vanity (shikisoku zekuu) shikisoku zekuu
All of Creation Japanese for All of Creation (shinrabanshou) shinrabanshou
All One's Might Japanese for All One's Might (zenryoku) zenryoku
Allegiance Japanese for Allegiance (chuusei) chuusei
Always Be Creative Japanese for Always Be Creative (tsune ni shinen kufuu seyo) tsune ni shinen kufuu seyo
Amber Japanese for Amber (kohaku) kohaku
Ambition Japanese for Ambition (taimou) taimou
Ambitious Japanese for Ambitious (taishi) taishi
America Japanese for America (amerika) amerika
America Japanese for America (beikoku) beikoku
Amity Japanese for Amity (shinzen) shinzen
Amulet Japanese for Amulet (omamori) omamori
An Instant Japanese for An Instant (shunji) shunji
Ancestor Japanese for Ancestor (senzo) senzo
Ancient Japanese for Ancient (kodai) kodai
Angel Japanese for Angel (tenshi) tenshi
Anger Japanese for Anger (doki) doki
Anniversary of a Death Japanese for Anniversary of a Death (meinichi) meinichi
Ant Japanese for Ant (ari) ari
Aquarius Japanese for Aquarius (mizugameza) mizugameza
Architect Japanese for Architect (kenchikuka) kenchikuka
Aries Japanese for Aries (ohitsujiza) ohitsujiza
Aristocrat Japanese for Aristocrat (kizoku) kizoku
Army Guard Japanese for Army Guard (gunshu) gunshu
Art Japanese for Art (geijutsu) geijutsu
Artist Japanese for Artist (geijutsuka) geijutsuka
Assassin Japanese for Assassin (ansatsusha) ansatsusha
Assassination Japanese for Assassination (ansatsu) ansatsu
Atlantic Ocean Japanese for Atlantic Ocean (taiseiyou) taiseiyou
Atonement Japanese for Atonement (tsugunai) tsugunai
Atonement Japanese for Atonement (shokuzai) shokuzai
Austere Elegance Japanese for Austere Elegance (shibumi) shibumi
Autumn Japanese for Autumn (aki) aki


(1) Indicates a word created for its meaning. These will not be found in the dictionary but intended for use a literal translations of names and used in Names in Japanese.

(2) The kanji for some common Japanese words are strange. These exceptions are now often written in katakana rather than in kanji. For example, Fern is shida which has the kanji which literally reads "sheep teeth". Dolphin is another example which is iruka and has the kanji which literally reads as "ocean pig".  

(3) Indicates a Japanese name.