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List of Japanese Words - L

Japanese calligraphy of words and sayings make beautiful works of art. Whether art suitable for framing for your home or office - or more personally artwork on your body  - we have thousands of designs personally created by Master Takase and each meticulously translated and documented. We give you all the information so you can easily verify the translations for yourself so you can be as happy with the translation as you are with the beautiful art.

This is a list of common Japanese words and phrases  - many of which are used in this website. Most of these Japanese words are available as hand-brushed Japanese Calligraphy Designs suitable for tattoos, craft, and commercial use. Each design was hand-lettered by Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase and professionally scanned and documented. Links to independent sources, including Japanese/English dictionaries, are given so you can be absolutely sure the translations are correct. To see the complete catalog of Japanese Words visit our on-line catalog at StockKanji - Catalog of Japanese Words.

Japanese Kanji Symbols You Can Trust - Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase has been creating custom designs for over fifteen years with thousands upon thousands of satisfied customers. You have probably even seen Master Takase's work in movies, on TV, or in print or even on a favorite product. Now you can have beautiful Japanese Calligraphy as a part of your own personal expression whether it be for art, body art, crafts or for commercial use.

English Word Japanese Kanji Japanese Word
Lady Japanese for Lady (shukujo) shukujo
Lady Japanese for Lady (kifujin) kifujin
Lake Japanese for Lake (mizuumi) mizuumi
Laugh Now, Cry Later Japanese for Laugh Now, Cry Later (ima warai ato de naku) ima warai ato de naku
Laughter Japanese for Laughter (shousei) shousei
Laurel Japanese for Laurel (gekkeiju) gekkeiju
Lawyer Japanese for Lawyer (bengoshi) bengoshi
Leadership Japanese for Leadership (shidouryoku) shidouryoku
Leo Japanese for Leo (shishiza) shishiza
Let There Be Light Japanese for Let There Be Light (hikari are) hikari are
Libra Japanese for Libra (tenbinza) tenbinza
License of Full Mastery Japanese for License of Full Mastery (menkyokaiden) menkyokaiden
Life Japanese for Life (inochi) inochi
Life Japanese for Life (jinsei) jinsei
Life After Death Japanese for Life After Death (raise) raise
Life and Death Japanese for Life and Death (seishi) seishi
Life Giving Sword Japanese for Life Giving Sword (katsujinken) katsujinken
Life in Every Breath Japanese for Life in Every Breath (hakuiki hitotsu ni mo seimei ga yadori) hakuiki hitotsu ni mo seimei ga yadori
Life is Good Japanese for Life is Good (jinseiryoukou) jinseiryoukou
Life is Short Japanese for Life is Short (jinsei wa mijikai) jinsei wa mijikai
Life Taking Sword Japanese for Life Taking Sword (satsujinken) satsujinken
Life Will Find A Way Japanese for Life Will Find A Way (inochi wa michi wo hiraku) inochi wa michi wo hiraku
Lifesaving Japanese for Lifesaving (kyuumei) kyuumei
Light Japanese for Light (hikari) hikari
Lightning Japanese for Lightning (inazuma) inazuma
Like Father, Like Daughter Japanese for Like Father, Like Daughter (kono chichi ni shite kono musume ari) kono chichi ni shite kono musume ari
Like Father, Like Son Japanese for Like Father, Like Son (kono chichi ni shite kono musuko ari) kono chichi ni shite kono musuko ari
Lily Japanese for Lily (yuri) yuri
Lineage Japanese for Lineage (kettou) kettou
Lion Japanese for Lion (shishi) shishi
Literary and Military Arts Japanese for Literary and Military Arts (bunburyoudou) bunburyoudou
Live in the Moment Japanese for Live in the Moment (ima wo ikiru) ima wo ikiru
Live Life Japanese for Live Life (seiippai ikiru) seiippai ikiru
Live Long And Prosper Japanese for Live Long And Prosper (chouju to han'ei wo) chouju to han'ei wo
Live Strong Japanese for Live Strong (tsuyoku ikiru) tsuyoku ikiru
Live, Laugh, Love Japanese for Live, Laugh, Love (ikiru warau aisuru) ikiru warau aisuru
Live, Laugh, Love Japanese for Live, Laugh, Love (sei shou ai) sei shou ai
Lively Japanese for Lively (kappatsu) kappatsu
Lone Wolf Japanese for Lone Wolf (ippikiookami) ippikiookami
Longevity Japanese for Longevity (chouju) chouju
Lord Japanese for Lord (joutei) joutei
Lord Japanese for Lord (shu) shu
Lotus Japanese for Lotus (hasu) hasu
Love Japanese for Love (jiai) jiai
Love Japanese for Love (ai) ai
Love Japanese for Love (aijou) aijou
Love and Hate Japanese for Love and Hate (aizou) aizou
Love and Respect Japanese for Love and Respect (keiai) keiai
Love Binds Them All Together Japanese for Love Binds Them All Together (ai wa subete wo kanzen ni musubu obi de aru) ai wa subete wo kanzen ni musubu obi de aru
Love Conquers All Japanese for Love Conquers All (ai wa katsu) ai wa katsu
Love Hurts Japanese for Love Hurts (ai wa itami) ai wa itami
Love Hurts Japanese for Love Hurts (ai kutsuu) ai kutsuu
Love is Everything Japanese for Love is Everything (ai ga subete) ai ga subete
Lover Japanese for Lover (koibito) koibito
Loyalty Japanese for Loyalty (chuugi) chuugi
Lust Japanese for Lust (aiyoku) aiyoku


(1) Indicates a word created for its meaning. These will not be found in the dictionary but intended for use a literal translations of names and used in Names in Japanese.

(2) The kanji for some common Japanese words are strange. These exceptions are now often written in katakana rather than in kanji. For example, Fern is shida which has the kanji which literally reads "sheep teeth". Dolphin is another example which is iruka and has the kanji which literally reads as "ocean pig".  

(3) Indicates a Japanese name.