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Names in Japanese - A

Names in Japanese make beautiful works of art. Whether art suitable for framing for your home or office - or more personally artwork on your body  - we have thousands of original designs by Master Takase each meticulously translated and documented. We give you all the information so you can easily verify the translations for yourself so you can be as happy with the translation as you are with the beautiful art.

This is a list of over ten thousand names and their meanings meticulously translated to Japanese. The name translations are a phonetic translation to katakana which is the correct way names are translated to Japanese and is the way non-Japanese names appear in dictionaries, newspapers, and encyclopedias.

We also include literal translation to kanji which translates the original meaning of the name. The literal translation works especially well for names like Faith and Joy where the name has a clear meaning. For more information on how names can be translated to Japanese read Eri Takase's article How to Write Names in Japanese which first appeared in her monthly column in Martial Arts Insiders Magazine.

Note that a name can have several pronunciation and may even have different meanings depending on the derivation. A common example is the name "Jan" which can be pronounced JAN or YAHN. Because of space limitations we do not show the pronunciation in this list, however, if you click on the name you can find this along with other important details about the translation.

Is your name not in our list? Special order any first or last name at Special Order Name in Japanese

Japanese Tattoo Designs
Hand-Lettered Japanese Kanji for Art, Tattoos and Professional Design
by Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase

For each name we have designs specifically suited for tattoos.
Each design may also be special ordered as hand-lettered art unframed or framed.

Michael is My Life Amanda is My Love Charles is My Soul Mate

Thousands of Designs / Ordering is Safe and Easy / Downloads Available Immediately

Note - We have recently updated the StockKanji website so many names were taken down. If the name you are looking for is missing please contact us and we will add the name to the list. We apologize for the inconvenience while the new site is being update.

Select the first letter of the name:

Name Romaji Katakana Kanji Meaning (Reading)
Aaliyah ari-ya   Ascend
Aamir a-miru    
Aarika a-rika    
Aaron a-ron High Mountain (kouzan)
Aarre a-rre    
Aashish a-shishu    
Aashish ashishu    
Aasif a-shifu    
Aban aban    
Abba aba Father (chichi)
Abbas abbasu    
Abbe abi- Priest (shinpu)
Abbey abi- Priest (shinpu)
Abbie abi- Priest (shinpu)
Abbot abotto Priest (shinpu)
Abbott abotto Priest (shinpu)
Abby abi- Priest (shinpu)
Abdallah abudara   God's Servant
Abdelkader abuderukade-ru    
Abdul abudaru    
Abdul abuduru Servant of (shimobe)
Abdullah abudura   God's Servant
Abe eibu Father (chichi)
Abel a-beru    
Abel eiberu Breath (ibuki)
Abel aberu Breath (ibuki)
Abela abera Beautiful (bi)
Abell aberu Breath (ibuki)
Abhijit abijitto    
Abhishek abisheku   Anointing
Abhuit abitto    
Abida abida    
Abigail abigeiru Exalted Father (kifu)
Able eiberu Breath (ibuki)
Abner abuna-   Father of Light
Abraham eiburahamu   Father of a Nation
Abraham aburahamu    
Abram eiburamu Exalted Father (kifu)
Absalom abusaromu   Father is Peace
Ace e-su Number One (ichiban)
Acee eishi-    
Achilleas akireasu    
Achim ahimu    
Ada eida   Adornment
Adah eida   Adornment
Adaija adaija    
Adalberto adaruberuto Noble (kouki)
Adaline adarain Noble (kouki)
Adaline adari-n Noble (kouki)
Adalyn adarin Noble (kouki)
Adam adamu Earth (chikyuu)
Adama adama    
Adan adan Flame (honoo)
Addie adi- Noble (kouki)
Addison adison    
Addy adi Noble (kouki)
Addyson adison    
Adeeb adi-bu    
Adel aderu    
Adela adera Noble (kouki)
Adelaide adereido    
Adelaide adere-do Noble (kouki)
Adele ade-re    
Adele aderu Noble (kouki)
Adelina adari-na Noble (kouki)
Adeline aderain Noble (kouki)
Adell aderu Noble (kouki)
Adelle aderu Noble (kouki)
Aden eiden Flame (honoo)
Aden eden    
Adewale adewe-ru    
Adewale adowe-ru    
Adewale adoweiru    
Adham adamu    
Adhemar adema-ru   Noted Fighter
Adi adi Jewel (houseki)
Adiel adi-ru    
Adilson adiruson    
Adin adin Beautiful (bi)
Adinia adinia    
Aditya aditiya    
Adiva adiva Grace (megumi)
Adler adora- Eagle (washi)
Adnan adonan    
Adolf adorufu   Majestic Wolf
Adolfo adorufo   Majestic Wolf
Adolph adorufu   Majestic Wolf
Adolphe adorufu   Majestic Wolf
Adolpho adorufo    
Adonal adonaru    
Adoni adoni    
Adria eidoria Wealthy (fugou)
Adria adoria Wealthy (fugou)
Adrian eidorian   From Adria
Adrian edorian    
Adrian adorian    
Adriana adoriana    
Adriana adoria-na    
Adriana eidoriana   From Adria
Adriane adoria-nu    
Adriane eidorian   From Adria
Adrianna eidoriana   From Adria
Adrianne eidorian   From Adria
Adriano adoria-no   From Adria
Adrien eidorian    
Adrien adorian   From Adria
Adriene eidorian   From Adria
Adrienne eidorian   From Adria
Adrienne adoriennu    
Adrienne adoriannu    
Aengus engasu    
Afdlin afudorin    
Afemo afemo    
Affif afifu    
Afida afida    
Afshan afushan    
Aftab a-futa-bu    
Agata agata    
Agatha agasa Good (ryou)
Agi agi    
Aglaia aguraia    
Agnes agunesu Holy (shinjin)
Agnus agunesu Holy (shinjin)
Agustin agusutin Exalted (kouki)
Agustina agusutina Exalted (kouki)
Aharon a-ron    
Ahava ahava Love (ai)
Ahlam afuramu    
Ahmad a-mado    
Ahmad a-maddo    
Ahmad afumado Praise God (sanshu)
Ahmed a-meddo    
Ahmed a-medo    
Ahmed ahamedo    
Ahmed afumeddo    
Ahmed afumedo Praise God (sanshu)
Ahmedjan afumejan    
Ahmet a-metto    
Ahn an    
Ahna a-na    
Ahney a-ni-    
Ahuv afu-vu Beloved (saiai)
Ahuva afuva Beloved (saiai)
Ai ai Love (ai)
Aida ai-da    
Aidan eidan Flame (honoo)
Aiden eiden Flame (honoo)
Aiko aiko   [Japanese]
Aileen airi-n Light (hikari)
Ailene airi-n Light (hikari)
Ailyn airin Light (hikari)
Aimable ema-buru    
Aimee eimi- Beloved (saiai)
Aimee eme Beloved (saiai)
Aino aino    
Ainsley einzuri-   hermitage field
Ainslie einzuri-    
Aisha aisha Lively (kappatsu)
Aisha ai-sha    
Aishwarya aishuwariya-    
Aishwarya aishuwariya    
Aislin aisurin    
Aisling aisuringu    
Aislinn eisurin Dream (yume)
Aissa aissa    
Aitana aitana    
Ajay ajai    
Ajay ajei    
Ajoy ajoi    
Akbar akuba-ru    
Aki aki    
Akiko akiko   [Japanese]
Akim eikimu    
Akira akira   [Japanese]
Akiva akiva    
Akonio akonio    
Akosua ako-sua    
Akram akuramu    
Akshat akushato    
Akshay akushei    
Aktan akutan    
Akubar akubaru    
Al aru Noble (kouki)
Alain aran Precious (kichou)
Alaina areina Precious (kichou)
Alaitz araitsu    
Alakina arakina    
Alan aran Precious (kichou)
Alana arana Precious (kichou)
Alana ara-na    
Alani arani    
Alanis aranisu    
Alanna arana Precious (kichou)
Alap arapu    
Alastair arasutea    
Alayna areina Precious (kichou)
Alba aruba White (shiro)
Albert arube-ru    
Albert aruba-to Noble (kouki)
Albert aruberuto    
Alberta aruba-ta Noble (kouki)
Alberto aruberuto Noble (kouki)
Albie arubi-    
Albina arubina White (shiro)
Albrecht aruburehito    
Alden aruden Best Friend (shin'yuu)
Aldene arudene    
Alder aruda- Alder (hannoki)
Aldo arudo Elder (genrou)
Aldona arudona Noble (kizoku)
Alec arekku Protect (hogo)
Alecia arishia Noble (kouki)
Aleeza ari-za Joy (yorokobi)
Alef arefu Number One (ichiban)
Aleisha ari-sha    
Alejandra arehandora Protect (hogo)
Alejandro arehandoro Protect (hogo)
Alek arekku    
Alek areku    
Aleka areka    
Aleksa arekusa    
Aleksandar arekusandaru    
Aleksander arekusanderu    
Aleksandr arekusandoru    
Aleksei arekusei    
Aleksia arekushia    
Alelie arerai    
Alena arena    
Alene ari-n    
Aleph arefu Number One (ichiban)
Alesha ari-sha Noble (kouki)
Aleshia arishia Noble (kouki)
Alesia arishia Noble (kouki)
Alessandra aressandora    
Alessandro aressandoro Protect (hogo)
Alessia aresshia Protect (hogo)
Alessio aresshio    
Aletha aresa Truth (shinjitsu)
Alethea arishia    
Alex arekkusu Protect (hogo)
Alexa arekusa Protect (hogo)
Alexander arekusanda- Protect (hogo)
Alexander arekisanda-    
Alexandra arekusandora Protect (hogo)
Alexandre arekusandoru    
Alexandre areshandore    
Alexandria arekusandoria Protect (hogo)
Alexandru arekusandoru    
Alexei arekusei    
Alexey arekusei    
Alexia arekushia    
Alexis arekushi    
Alexis arekushisu Protect (hogo)
Alexsa arekusa Protect (hogo)
Alexz arekkusu    
Alf arufu    
Alfie arufi    
Alfonso arufonso Noble (kouki)
Alfonzo arufonzo   Battle Ready
Alfre arufure    
Alfred arufure-to    
Alfred arufureddo [Elf] Counsel (komon)
Alfreda arufure-da   All Peace
Alfredo arufure-do    
Alfredo arufureddo [Elf] Counsel (komon)
Alfredo arufuredo    
Ali ari-    
Ali ari Noble (kouki)
Alia eiria    
Alia aria   high, lofty, sublime
Alibek aribeku    
Alice ariche Exalted (kouki)
Alice arisu Noble (kouki)
Alicia arishia Noble (kouki)
Alicja aritsia    
Alicya arishia    
Alida arida    
Alina ari-na    
Aline ari-n    
Aline arain   Blessed Right
Alisa ari-sa Noble (kouki)
Alisan arisan    
Alisha ari-sha Noble (kouki)
Alishia arishia Noble (kouki)
Alisia arishia Noble (kouki)
Alison arison Noble (kouki)
Alissa arissa Noble (kouki)
Alisson arison    
Alistair arisutea    
Alivia arivia   Olive
Alix arikkusu    
Aliyah ari-ya   Ascent
Aliz arizu Joy (yorokobi)
Aliz arisu Noble (kouki)
Alka aruka    
Alki aruki    
Alla arra    
Alla ara    
Allah ara    
Allan aran Precious (kichou)
Allana arana Precious (kichou)
Allani arani    
Allauddin arauddin    
Allegra aregura Cheerful (kaikatsu)
Allelon areron    
Allen aren Precious (kichou)
Allene ari-n Precious (kichou)
Allene o-ri-n    
Alley ari-    
Alli ari- Noble (kouki)
Allie ari- Noble (kouki)
Allison arison Noble (kouki)
Ally ari- Noble (kouki)
Allyn arin Precious (kichou)
Allyson arison Noble (kouki)
Alma aruma Maiden (shoujo)
Almira arumira    
Aloma aroma    
Alon a-ron    
Alon aron    
Alonna arona    
Alonso aronso   Battle Ready
Alonzo aronzo   Battle Ready
Alparslan aruparusuran    
Alpha arufa   Beginning
Alphonse arufonsu   Battle Ready
Alphonsia arufonshia    
Alphonso arufonso   Battle Ready
Alta aruta High (kou)
Althea arushia Heal (iyasu)
Alton aruton Old Town (furusato)
Altug arutu-   Red Stone
Aluma aruma Maiden (shoujo)
Alumah aruma Maiden (shoujo)
Alun aran    
Alva aruva Blond (kinpatsu)
Alvaro aruvaro   All Guard
Alvin aruvin   Noble Friend
Alvina aruvina   Noble Friend
Alvy aruvi    
Alyce arisu Noble (kouki)
Alycia arishia Noble (kouki)
Alyn arin Precious (kichou)
Alyque ariku    
Alysa arissa Noble (kouki)
Alyse arisu Noble (kouki)
Alysha ari-sha Noble (kouki)
Alysia arishia Noble (kouki)
Alyson arison Noble (kouki)
Alyssa arissa Noble (kouki)
Amaan ama-n    
Amado amado Beloved (saiai)
Amalia amaria Work (tsutomu)
Amaliya amariya    
Amana amana Faithful (chuujitsu)
Amanda amanda Love (ai)
Amande amanda    
Amar amaru    
Amara amara Grace (megumi)
Amarante amarante   Unfading
Amaryllis amaririsu    
Amaury amauri-    
Amaury amo-ri-    
Amaya amaya    
Amayah amaya    
Amber anba- Amber (kohaku)
Ambrose anburo-zu Immortal (fumetsu)
Amedeo amedeo    
Amee eimi- Beloved (saiai)
Ameera ami-ra Princess (oujo)
Ameera ame-ra Princess (oujo)
Amel a-meru    
Amel ameru    
Amelia ameria Industrious (kinben)
Amelia amiria Industrious (kinben)
Amelia ami-ria Industrious (kinben)
Amelia ameria Industrious (kinben)
Amelie ameri Industrious (kinben)
America amerika America (beikoku)
Amerigo amerigo    
Amgaabazar amuga-bazaru    
Ami ami    
Ami eimi- Beloved (saiai)
Amie eimi- Beloved (saiai)
Amiee eimi- Beloved (saiai)
Amiel amieru    
Amin amin    
Aminata aminata    
Aminda aminda    
Amir amiru    
Amir ami-ru    
Amira amira    
Amiran amiran    
Amisha ami-sha    
Amit amitto    
Amitabh amita-bu    
Amjad amujaddo    
Ammar ama-ru    
Ammie eimi- Beloved (saiai)
Amornthep amo-nte-pu    
Amory amori- Industrious (kinben)
Amos amosu    
Amos eimosu   Borne by God
Amparo anparo Protect (hogo)
Amr amu-ru    
Amrish amurisshu    
Amrish amuri-shu    
Amrita amurita    
Amy eimi- Beloved (saiai)
An an    
Ana ana Grace (megumi)
Anabel anaberu Grace (megumi)
Analiz anarizu    
Anamaria anamaria    
Anand anando    
Ananda ananda Happiness (sachi)
Anandmurti anandomuruti    
Anang anangu    
Anastacia anasutashia Resurrection (fukkatsu)
Anastasia anasutashia Resurrection (fukkatsu)
Anastassia anasutashia Resurrection (fukkatsu)
Anatole anato-ru    
Anatoli anatori- Sunrise (hinode)
Anatoly anatori- Sunrise (hinode)
Ancile anshiru    
Anders andeshu    
Anders anasu    
Andersen anderusen    
Anderson anda-son Courageous (yuusou)
Andi andi Courageous (yuusou)
Andie andi Courageous (yuusou)
Andonia andonia    
Andra andora Breath (ibuki)
Andra andora Breath (ibuki)
Andre andore Courageous (yuusou)
Andrea andoria Courageous (yuusou)
Andrea andorea Courageous (yuusou)
Andreas andoreasu Courageous (yuusou)
Andree andore Courageous (yuusou)
Andrei andorei Courageous (yuusou)
Andres andoresu Courageous (yuusou)
Andrew andoryu- Courageous (yuusou)
Andrey andorei Courageous (yuusou)
Andria andoria Courageous (yuusou)
Andrine andori-ne    
Andromeda andoromeda    
Andrzej anjei Courageous (yuusou)
Andy andi Courageous (yuusou)
Ane ane    
Anees ani-su    
Aneesh ani-shu    
Aneta aneta Grace (megumi)
Anetta anetta Grace (megumi)
Anette anetto Grace (megumi)
Anette anette    
Ang an    
Angel anheru    
Angel anjeru    
Angel enjeru Angel (tenshi)
Angela angera Angel (tenshi)
Angela anhera Angel (tenshi)
Angela anjera Angel (tenshi)
Angelia anjeria Angel (tenshi)
Angelica anherika    
Angelica anjerika Angel (tenshi)
Angelika anjerika Angel (tenshi)
Angelina anherina    
Angelina anjeri-na Angel (tenshi)
Angeline anjerin Angel (tenshi)
Angelique anjeri-ku Angel (tenshi)
Angelita anjerita Angel (tenshi)
Angell enjeru    
Angella anjera Angel (tenshi)
Angella anjerra Angel (tenshi)
Angelle anjere    
Angelo anjero Angel (tenshi)
Angie anji- Angel (tenshi)
Angus angasu   Singular Choice
Ania einia    
Anibal anibaru God's Grace (shinkei)
Anicee anise-    
Anika anika Grace (megumi)
Anil aniru Wind (kaze)
Anil ani-ru    
Anindo anindo    
Anisia anishia    
Anissa anissa Holy (shinjin)
Anita anita Grace (megumi)
Anja annya    
Anjala anjara    
Anjan anjan    
Anjanette anjanetto Grace (megumi)
Anjela anjera    
Anjelica anjerika Angel (tenshi)
Anjul anjuru    
Anka anka Grace (megumi)
Anki anki    
Ann an Grace (megumi)
Anna ana    
Anna anna Grace (megumi)
Annabel anaberu Grace (megumi)
Annabell anaberu Grace (megumi)
Annabella anabera    
Annabelle anaberu Grace (megumi)
Annabelle anabera Grace (megumi)
Annabeth anabesu    
Annalise anari-zu    
Annalyne anarin    
Annamarie annamari-   [Anna+Marie]
Annasophia anasofia    
AnnaSophia annasofia    
Anne annu    
Anne an Grace (megumi)
Anneke aneke    
Anneliese aneri-zu God's Grace (shinkei)
Annelise aneri-zu    
Annelle ane-ru    
Annemarie annemari-   [Anne+Marie]
Annemarie anmari-   [Ann+Marie]
Annetta anetta Grace (megumi)
Annette anetto Grace (megumi)
Annibale anni-bare    
Annick aniku Grace (megumi)
Annie ani- Grace (megumi)
Annik aniku Grace (megumi)
Annika anika Grace (megumi)
Annikki annikki    
Annita anita Grace (megumi)
Annmarie anmari-   [Ann+Marie]
Anny ani- Grace (megumi)
Anointing anointingu    
Anon anon    
Anouk anu-ku    
Anoushka anu-shuka    
Anson anson    
Antara antara    
Anthero ansero    
Anthony ansoni- Praise (shousan)
Antione antowan    
Antionette antowanetto   Revered
Antoine antowa-nu    
Antoine antowan    
Antoinette antowanetto   Revered
Anton anton    
Antone anton    
Antonella antonera    
Antonella antonerra    
Antonello antonerro    
Antonette antonetto    
Antoni antoni-    
Antonia antonia    
Antonie antoni-    
Antonin antonan    
Antonina antonina    
Antonio antonio    
Antony antoni-    
Antti anti    
Antwan antowan    
Antwon antowan    
Antwone antowan    
Anubhav anubavu    
Anup anu-pu    
Anupam anupamu    
Anurag anuragu    
Anusha anyusha    
Anya ania Grace (megumi)
Anya a-nya Grace (megumi)
Anya an'ya Grace (megumi)
Apichart apicha-to    
Apollonia aporonia    
Apoorva apu-ruva    
April eipuriru April (shigatsu)
Apryl eipuriru April (shigatsu)
Apurva apuruva    
Aquaba akuaba    
Aquila akuira Eagle (washi)
Ara ara    
Arabella arabera    
Araceli araseri   Heaven's Alter
Arai arai   [Japanese]
Aram aramu    
Arantxa arancha   Thornbush
Arawat e-rawatto    
Arbaaz aruba-zu    
Arcana a-keina    
Arch a-chi    
Archana aruchana-    
Archie a-chi- Brave (yuuki)
Ardal a-daru    
Aree ari-    
Aretha aresa Exalted (kouki)
Argentina arujentina    
Ari ari Lion (shishi)
Ariadna ariadona    
Arian erian    
Ariana ariana Song (uta)
Ariane aria-nu    
Ariane ariannu    
Ariane arian   Most Sacred
Arianna arianna Song (uta)
Arianne arian   Most Sacred
Arie ari Lion (shishi)
Arie arie Lion (shishi)
Ariel ariaru    
Ariel arieru Lion [of God] (shishi)
Arielle arieru Lion [of God] (shishi)
Arif arifu    
Arija ariya    
Arjay a-jei    
Arjun arujun    
Arlean a-ri-n Girl (shoujo)
Arleen a-ri-n Girl (shoujo)
Arlen a-ren    
Arlene a-ri-n Girl (shoujo)
Arlette aruretto    
Arletty aruretti    
Arline a-ri-n Girl (shoujo)
Arliss a-risu    
Arlo a-ro    
Arly a-ri-    
Arlyne a-ri-n Girl (shoujo)
Armand a-mando Warrior (senshi)
Armando a-mando Warrior (senshi)
Armel arumeru    
Armelle arumeru    
Armin arumi-n    
Armin a-min    
Armina arumina Soldier (senshi)
Arnab arunabu    
Arnaud aruno-    
Arne a-ne    
Arnie a-ni-    
Arnold a-norudo Powerful Eagle (kyoushuu)
Arnoldo arunorudo    
Arnoldo a-norudo Powerful Eagle (kyoushuu)
Arnulfo arunurufo Wolf Eagle (roushuu)
Aroldo arorudo    
Aron a-ron High Mountain (kouzan)
Aron eiron    
Arrigo ari-go    
Arron a-ron High Mountain (kouzan)
Arsenault a-seno-    
Arsenio a-senio    
Arshad arushaddo    
Arsinee arushine    
Art a-to Eagle (washi)
Artel a-teru    
Arther arutyu-ru    
Arthur arutu-ru    
Arthur a-sa- Eagle (washi)
Artie a-ti Eagle (washi)
Artur arutu-ru    
Arturo arutu-ro Bear (kuma)
Arun arun    
Aruna aruna    
Arunanghsu arunangushu    
Arvind aruvindo    
Arye ari-    
Asa eisa    
Asad asaddo    
Asanka asanka    
Asankha asanka    
Asbjorn asubyorun    
Ash asshu    
Asha a-sha    
Ashanti ashanti    
Ashely ashuri-   Ash Grove
Asher assha- Blessed (onkei)
Ashir ashiru Wealthy (fugou)
Ashira ashira Wealthy (fugou)
Ashit ashitto    
Ashlea ashuri-   Ash Grove
Ashlee ashuri-   Ash Grove
Ashleigh ashuri-   Ash Grove
Ashley ashurei    
Ashley ashuri-   Ash Grove
Ashli ashuri-   Ash Grove
Ashlie ashuri-   Ash Grove
Ashly ashuri-   Ash Grove
Ashlyn ashurin   [Ashley + Lyn]
Ashmit ashumitto    
Ashraf ashurafu    
Ashton ashuton   Ash Town
Ashu ashu-    
Ashutosh asutosshu    
Ashutosh ashutoshu    
Ashwini ashuwini    
Asia eisha    
Asia eijia   Asia
Asia a-shia    
Asio eijio    
Asmo asumo    
Assaf asafu    
Asser assha- Blessed (onkei)
Assita ashita    
Assumpta asanputa    
Astera asutera Star (hoshi)
Asteria asuteria Star (hoshi)
Astral asutoraru    
Astrid asutoriddo   beautiful god
Atara atara Crown (oukan)
Athena ashi-na Wisdom (chie)
Athena atena    
Athene ashi-ni    
Athol asoru    
Ato ato    
Atom atomu    
Atossa atossa    
Atta atta    
Attakorn atago-n    
Aubrey o-buri-   Elf Power
Aude o-do    
Audie o-di    
Audra o-dora   Noble Strength
Audrey o-dori-   Noble Strength
Audrey odorei    
Audrie o-dori-   Noble Strength
Audry o-dori-   Noble Strength
August o-gasuto Exalted (kouki)
August augusuto    
Augusta o-gasuta Exalted (kouki)
Auguste o-gyusuto    
Augustina augusuti-na Exalted (kouki)
Augustine o-gasutin Exalted (kouki)
Augusto o-gasuto Exalted (kouki)
Augusto augusuto Exalted (kouki)
Augustus o-gasutasu Exalted (kouki)
Augustus augusutusu    
Aunjanue a-njanyu-    
Aura o-ra   Aura
Aure o-re    
Aurel oreru Golden (ougon)
Aurelia o-reria Golden (ougon)
Aurelien orerian    
Aurelien o-rerian    
Aurelio o-rerio Golden (ougon)
Auriel aurieru Golden (ougon)
Auriol o-rieru    
Aurora aurora Dawn (akebono)
Aurora o-rora Dawn (akebono)
Aurore o-ro-ru    
Aus ausu    
Austen o-sutun    
Austin o-sutin Exalted (kouki)
Autumn o-tamu Autumn (aki)
Ava eva Life (inochi)
Ava ava Life (inochi)
Ava eiva Life (inochi)
Avadhoot avadu-to    
Ave ave    
Avelina averi-na    
Avery eivuri- [Elf] Counsel (komon)
Avis eivisu Bird (tori)
Avon eivon    
Avrielle avurieru    
Avril avuriru    
Avuka avuka Flame (honoo)
Axel akuseru    
Ayaan aya-n    
Ayako ayako   [Japanese]
Ayala ayara Deer (shika)
Ayana ayana   Beautiful Flower
Ayanna ayana   Beautiful Flower
Ayden eiden Flame (honoo)
Ayelet ayeretto Deer (shika)
Ayesha aisha    
Ayit ai-tto Eagle (washi)
Ayko aiko    
Aylin eran    
Aymen emen    
Ayre airu    
Ayre ea    
Ayush a-yusshu    
Ayushi a-yushi-    
Aza aza Strong (kyouryoku)
Azharuddin azuharudin    
Aziz ajizu Powerful (kyouryoku)
Aziz azizu Powerful (kyouryoku)
Aziza ajiza Powerful (kyouryoku)
Azizah ajiza Powerful (kyouryoku)
Azizi ajiji    
Azizul ajizuru    
Azura azura    

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Recommended Books/CD:

Learn Japanese Calligraphy Lessons 1 - 6 by Eri Takase

Learn Japanese Calligraphy by Eri Takase is a unique Japanese Calligraphy course on CD-ROM. With these CD's you can learn Japanese Calligraphy by actually seeing the characters being brushed by Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase. Japanese Calligraphy is all about movement and you simply cannot learn the proper movement from a book. These CD lessons actually shows videos of Master Takase brushing the characters - and you can learn proper technique by seeing it over and over again. We also show videos of common student errors and how to correct them. Along with the videos are samples with stroke order that can be printed as well as detailed step by step instructions. Learn Japanese Calligraphy is a great learning tool by itself or to complement your current studies.

The first CD includes topics on tool selection, posture, how to hold the brush as well as the basic strokes of the block font. Each lesson covers the stroke order with examples that can be printed. Combined with our Japanese Calligraphy Sets you will have all you need to begin your study of Japanese Calligraphy.

Or order directly from us and save at Shodokai - Learn Japanese Calligraphy with the first CD at $15.95 - you save over six dollars!

Japanese Kanji & Kana Revised Edition: A Guide to the Japanese Writing System (Tuttle Language Library) by Wolfgang Hadamitzky and Mark Spahn

This is an excellent reference and is perfect for learning the stroke order of kana and kanji.

This book shows all modern kanji along with the stroke order and direction. This is the perfect companion for the serious student.

The New Nelson Japanese-English Character Dictionary by John H. Haig, Andrew N. Nelson

For more advanced needs this is the best English Language Japanese-English kanji dictionary you can buy.


カタカナから引く外国人名綴り方字典 (Guide to Spellings of Foreigner's Names in Kana Orders) - Find the original non-Japanese name given the Japanese translation.

United States Census - 1990 - The top 2400 male and female names from this US government publication are covered in our list.

BabyNamer - Produced by Oxygen Media this is a good source for the meaning of names.

The Etymology of First Names - This site is our second choice when researching the meaning and pronunciations of given names.

StockKanji - Names in Japanese Calligraphy Over 9000 names translated to Japanese. This is a searchable site giving much more information about each name than we show here. Many names also have original, hand-lettered designs for personal use like a tattoo and for professional use such as for wedding invitations or as part of a logo design.

Jeffrey's Japanese<->English Dictionary Server - An on-line dictionary that does not require Japanese fonts. This dictionary is terse so it is easy to misinterpret. Its value for name translations is limited as it does not give the pronunciation.

Goo Jiten - A good on-line English/Japanese dictionary. Japanese fonts are required.

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