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Names in Japanese make beautiful works of art. Whether you are searching for art suitable for your home or office - or more personally as a Japanese tattoo design - we have thousands of original designs by Master Takase each meticulously translated and documented and beautifully brushed. We also give you all the information to verify the translations for yourself: We want you to be as happy with the translation as you are with the beautiful art.

This is a list of over eleven thousand names and their meanings meticulously translated to Japanese. The name translations are a phonetic translation to katakana which is the correct way names are translated to Japanese and is the way non-Japanese names appear in dictionaries, newspapers, and encyclopedias.

When possible we also include literal translation to kanji which translates the original meaning of the name. The literal translation works especially well for names like Faith and Joy where the name has a clear meaning. For more information on how names can be translated to Japanese read Eri Takase's article How to Write Names in Japanese which first appeared in her monthly column in Martial Arts Insiders Magazine.

Note that a name can have several pronunciation and may even have different meanings depending on the derivation. A common example is the name "Jan" which can be pronounced JAN or YAHN. Because of space limitations we do not show the pronunciation in this list, however, if you click on the name you can find this information along with other important details about the translation.

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Japanese Calligraphy Designs
Hand-Lettered Japanese Kanji for Art, Tattoos and Professional Design
by Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase

All of our designs are suitable for tattoos (PDF format) and graphics (JPG format) for personal and commercial use. You may also order each design as an original work of art personally brushed and signed by Master Takase - unframed, framed and scrolls are all available.

Michael is My Life Amanda is My Love Charles is My Soul Mate

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Select the first letter of the name:

Name Romaji Katakana Kanji Meaning (Reading)
Baard bo-do    
Baayork baiyo-ku    
Bab babbu    
Babara ba-bara   Foreign
Babby bobi-    
Babe beibu    
Babette babetto   Foreign
Babette babette   Foreign
Babu babu    
Baby bebi-    
Bacchus bakkasu God of Wine (shushin)
Badai badai    
Badja baja    
Bahar baha-ru    
Baharon baharon    
Bahman ba-man Good Mind (ryoushin)
Bahni ba-ni    
Bailee beiri-    
Bailey beiri-    
Baines beinzu    
Bairbre ba-bara    
Baird bea-do    
Bajardo baharudo    
Bajram bairamu    
Balazs baraju    
Baldassare barudassa-re    
Baldassarre barudassa-rre    
Baldis barudisu    
Baldomero barudomero Brave (yuuki)
Baldovino barudovi-no   Brave Friend
Balduin barudui-n   Brave Friend
Balduino baruduino   Brave Friend
Baldwin bo-rudowin   Brave Friend
Balkrishna barukurishuna    
Ballesteros bayesuterosu    
Ballesteros bajesuterosu    
Ballesteros baresuterosu    
Baltasar barutasa-ru   Baal protect the king
Baltasar barutasaru   Baal protect the king
Balthasar barutaza-ru   Baal protect the king
Balthazar barusaza-ru    
Baltsar barutosa-ru   Baal protect the king
Bambi banbi Girl (shoujo)
Banco banko    
Bandit banditto   Bandit
Bao bao    
Bappi bapi    
Baptist baputisuto    
Baptiste batisuto    
Bar ba-   Wheat
Barabara barabara   Foreign
Barack baraku Blessed (onkei)
Barak baraku Blessed (onkei)
Barb ba-bu   Foreign
Barbar ba-ba-   Foreign
Barbara ba-bara   Foreign
Barbara barubara   Foreign
Barbel ba-baru    
Barbera barube-ra   Foreign
Barbera ba-bera   Foreign
Barbera barubera   Foreign
Barbet ba-betto    
Barbie ba-bi-   Foreign
Barbra ba-bura   Foreign
Barbro baruburo   Foreign
Barclay ba-kure-    
Barend barendo    
Bari bari Spear (yari)
Barnaba barunaba   Consolation's son
Barnaby ba-nabi-    
Barnard ba-na-do    
Barnet ba-netto    
Barney ba-ni-    
Baron baron    
Barret baretto    
Barrett baretto   Cap
Barrie bari- Spear (yari)
Barrie beri- Spear (yari)
Barry bari- Spear (yari)
Barry beri- Spear (yari)
Bart ba-to   Son of Talmai
Barta baruta    
Bartek barutekku    
Bartholomew ba-soromyu-    
Bartlemy ba-torumi-    
Bartlett ba-toretto    
Bartolomei barutoromei   well-ploughed fields
Bartolomeo barutorome-o   well-ploughed fields
Bartolomeo barutoromeo   well-ploughed fields
Bartolommeo barutoronme-o    
Barton ba-ton    
Baruch baruku Blessed (onkei)
Barukh baruku Blessed (onkei)
Basak basaku    
Basarat basaratto    
Basil beijiru King (ou)
Basil bajiru King (ou)
Basile bajiru    
Basilia bashiria   Royal
Basilia bajiria   Royal
Basilio baji-rio King (ou)
Basilio bashirio King (ou)
Basilius baji-riusu Royal (ou)
Bassam basa-mu    
Basti basuti   From Sabasta
Bastien basutian Exalted (kouki)
Bastion basution Fortress (yousai)
Battista battisuta    
Battistella battisuterra    
Baudouin bo-duwan   Brave Friend
Baudouin bodowan   Brave Friend
Bautista bautisuta    
Bayardo bajarudo    
Baz bazu    
Bea bi- Traveler (tabibito)
Bea bea    
Beach bi-chi    
Beah bia    
Beata bea-ta Blessed (onkei)
Beata beata    
Beatrice biatorisu Traveler (tabibito)
Beatrice beatorisu    
Beatris biatorisu Traveler (tabibito)
Beatrix biatorikusu Traveler (tabibito)
Beatrix beatorikusu Traveler (tabibito)
Beatrix beatorisu Traveler (tabibito)
Beatrix beatorikkusu    
Beatriz beatorisu Traveler (tabibito)
Beau bo- Handsome (otokomae)
Beaulah byu-ra Bride (hanayome)
Bebe bebe Traveler (tabibito)
Bebe bibi Traveler (tabibito)
Beca beka Bind (kizuna)
Becca bekka Bind (kizuna)
Beccie bekki- Bind (kizuna)
Beck bekku   stream
Beckett beketto    
Beckett bekketto    
Becki bekki- Bind (kizuna)
Beckie bekki- Bind (kizuna)
Becky bekki- Bind (kizuna)
Beda be-da    
Bee bi- Traveler (tabibito)
Beeban bi-ban    
Beege bi-ji    
Beeson bi-son    
Begum begumu    
Behira behira Light (hikari)
Behnaz behena-zu    
Beka beka Bind (kizuna)
Bekim bekimu    
Bekka bekka Bind (kizuna)
Bela bera God's Oath (shinsei)
Belen beren   Bethlehem
Belia beria God's Oath (shinsei)
Belinda berinda Beautiful (bi)
Belisario berizario   Swordsman
Belita berita God's Oath (shinsei)
Belita beri-ta    
Belkacem berukasemu    
Belkis berukisu    
Bell beru    
Bella bera Beautiful (bi)
Belle beru Beautiful (bi)
Bellone bero-ni Beautiful (bi)
Belloni bero-ni Beautiful (bi)
Belva beruva   Lovely Vista
Ben ben Son (musuko)
Bendt bento    
Benedetta benedetta Blessed (onkei)
Benedetto benedetto Blessed (onkei)
Benedict benedikuto Blessed (onkei)
Benedicta benedikuta Blessed (onkei)
Benedicto benedikuto Blessed (onkei)
Benedikt benedikuto Blessed (onkei)
Benediktus benedikutusu Blessed (onkei)
Benek beneku Blessed (onkei)
Bengt bento Blessed (onkei)
Bengta benta Blessed (onkei)
Beniamino benyami-no Son (musuko)
Benicio benichio    
Benigna beni-nya    
Benita beni-ta Blessed (onkei)
Benito beni-to Blessed (onkei)
Benjamin benjamin Son (musuko)
Benjamin banjaman Son (musuko)
Benjamin benyamin Son (musuko)
Bennet bennetto Blessed (onkei)
Bennet benetto    
Bennett bennetto Blessed (onkei)
Bennett benetto    
Bennie beni- Son (musuko)
Benno benno    
Benno beno    
Benny beni- Son (musuko)
Benoit benowa Blessed (onkei)
Benoit bunowa Blessed (onkei)
Benson benson    
Bent bento    
Bentley bentori-    
Benton benton    
Bentsen bentosen    
Benu benu    
Benvenuto benvenu-to Welcome (kangei)
Beppe beppe    
Beracha beracha Blessed (onkei)
Berangere beranje-ru    
Bercelio beruserio    
Berenguer berengeru    
Berenice berenisu    
Berlinda ba-rinda    
Bern ba-n Bear (kuma)
Berna ba-na Bear (kuma)
Bernadette ba-nadetto Bear Strong (yuukyou)
Bernadette berunadetto    
Bernadine ba-nadin Bear Strong (yuukyou)
Bernald beruna-ru    
Bernard ba-na-do Bear Strong (yuukyou)
Bernard beruna-ru Bear Strong (yuukyou)
Bernard berunarudo   Bear Strong
Bernarda berunaruda   Bear Strong
Bernardina beruna-dina   Bear Strong
Bernardine ba-nadin Bear Strong (yuukyou)
Bernardita berunarudita   Bear Strong
Bernardo berunarudo Bear Strong (yuukyou)
Bernd berunto    
Berneice ba-nisu Victory (shouri)
Bernetta berunetta Victory (shouri)
Bernhard berunharuto Bear Strong (yuukyou)
Bernice ba-nisu Victory (shouri)
Bernie ba-ni- Bear Strong (yuukyou)
Berniece ba-nisu Victory (shouri)
Bernita ba-ni-ta Victory (shouri)
Bernt berunto   Bear Strong
Berntsen ba-ntosen    
Berry beri- Spear (yari)
Bert ba-to Bright (ki)
Bert beruto Bright (ki)
Berta beruta Bright (ki)
Berta ba-ta Bright (ki)
Bertha ba-sa Bright (ki)
Bertha beruta Bright (ki)
Berthe beruto Bright (ki)
Berthold berutohoruto   Famous Leader
Berthold berutoruto   Famous Leader
Berthold berutorudo   Famous Leader
Berthold beruhoruto   Famous Leader
Bertie ba-ti Bright (ki)
Bertie beruti Bright (ki)
Bertil bettiru Bright (ki)
Bertila ba-tira    
Bertille beruti-yu    
Bertina beruti-na Bright (ki)
Berto beruto Bright (ki)
Berton ba-ton    
Bertram ba-toramu Bright Raven (ken'u)
Bertrand ba-torando   Bright Raven
Bertrand berutoran    
Berucha berucha Blessed (onkei)
Berura berura Pure (junsui)
Berwick ba-wikku    
Beryl beriru Beryl (ryokuchuuseki)
Bess besu God's Oath (shinsei)
Bessie besshi- God's Oath (shinsei)
Betania betania    
Beth besu God's Oath (shinsei)
Bethanie besani-   Fig House
Bethann besuan God's Oath (shinsei)
Bethany besani-   Fig House
Bethel beseru   House of God
Bethgea be-togea    
Betsey bettsi God's Oath (shinsei)
Betsy bettsi God's Oath (shinsei)
Bette betto God's Oath (shinsei)
Bette beti God's Oath (shinsei)
Bettie beti God's Oath (shinsei)
Bettina betti-na God's Oath (shinsei)
Bettina betina    
Betty beti God's Oath (shinsei)
Bettyann betian God's Oath (shinsei)
Bettye beti God's Oath (shinsei)
Betula betura Maiden (shoujo)
Betulah betura Maiden (shoujo)
Beukes biakasu    
Beula byu-ra Bride (hanayome)
Beulah byu-ra Bride (hanayome)
Beulah beura    
Bev bevu   Beaver stream
Beven bi-van    
Beven bevan    
Beverlee bevari-   Beaver Stream
Beverlee bivari-    
Beverley bevari-   Beaver Stream
Beverley bivari-    
Beverly bevari-   Beaver Stream
Beverly bivari-    
Bey bei    
Beyonce biyonse    
Bhajan bajan    
Bhang bangu    

Name not on list? See StockKanji - Names in Japanese for a list of all the names in the catalog

Or special order any first or last name at Special Order Name in Japanese

And we also offer Full Names in Japanese suitable for use on certificates or rank belts

Recommended Books/CD:

Learn Japanese Calligraphy by Eri Takase is a unique Japanese Calligraphy course on CD-ROM. With these CD's you can learn Japanese Calligraphy by actually seeing the characters being brushed by Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase. Japanese Calligraphy is all about movement and you simply cannot learn the proper movement from a book. These CD lessons actually shows videos of Master Takase brushing the characters - and you can learn proper technique by seeing it over and over again. We also show videos of common student errors and how to correct them. Along with the videos are samples with stroke order that can be printed as well as detailed step by step instructions. Learn Japanese Calligraphy is a great learning tool by itself or to complement your current studies.

The first CD includes topics on tool selection, posture, how to hold the brush as well as the basic strokes of the block font. Each lesson covers the stroke order with examples that can be printed. To learn more about these lessons visit Learn Japanese Calligraphy with Eri Takase.

Japanese Kanji & Kana Revised Edition: A Guide to the Japanese Writing System (Tuttle Language Library) by Wolfgang Hadamitzky and Mark Spahn

This is an excellent reference and is perfect for learning the stroke order of kana and kanji.

This book shows all modern kanji along with the stroke order and direction. This is the perfect companion for the serious student.

The New Nelson Japanese-English Character Dictionary by John H. Haig, Andrew N. Nelson

For more advanced needs this is the best English Language Japanese-English kanji dictionary you can buy.


United States Census - 1990 - The top 2400 male and female names from this US government publication are covered in our list.

The Etymology of First Names - An excellent site for researching the meaning and pronunciations of given names.

StockKanji - Names in Japanese Calligraphy - Over 9000 names translated to Japanese. This is a searchable site giving much more information about each name than we show here. Many names also have original, hand-lettered designs for personal use like a tattoo and for professional use such as for wedding invitations or as part of a logo design.

Jeffrey's Japanese<->English Dictionary Server - An good online dictionary that does not require Japanese fonts. This dictionary can be terse so it is easy to misinterpret. Its value for name translations is limited as it does not give the pronunciation.

Goo Jiten - A good online English/Japanese dictionary. Japanese fonts are required.


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