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Names in Japanese make beautiful works of art. Whether you are searching for art suitable for your home or office - or more personally as a Japanese tattoo design - we have thousands of original designs by Master Takase each meticulously translated and documented and beautifully brushed. We give you all the information you need to easily verify the translations for yourself as we want you to be as happy with the translation as you are with the beautiful art.

This is a list of over eleven thousand names and their meanings meticulously translated to Japanese. The name translations are a phonetic translation to katakana which is the correct way names are translated to Japanese and is the way non-Japanese names appear in dictionaries, newspapers, and encyclopedias.

When possible we also include literal translation to kanji which translates the original meaning of the name. The literal translation works especially well for names like Faith and Joy where the name has a clear meaning. For more information on how names can be translated to Japanese read Eri Takase's article How to Write Names in Japanese which first appeared in her monthly column in Martial Arts Insiders Magazine.

Note that a name can have several pronunciation and may even have different meanings depending on the derivation. A common example is the name "Jan" which can be pronounced JAN or YAHN. Because of space limitations we do not show the pronunciation in this list, however, if you click on the name you can find this information along with other important details about the translation.

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Japanese Calligraphy Designs
Hand-Lettered Japanese Kanji for Art, Tattoos and Professional Design
by Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase

For each name we have designs specifically suited for tattoos.  We also offer each design as original hand-brushed art.

Michael is My Life Amanda is My Love Charles is My Soul Mate

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Select the first letter of the name:

Name Romaji Katakana Kanji Meaning (Reading)
Kaasiim kajiyamu    
Kabir kabi-ru    
Kacey keishi- Vigilant (keikai)
Kaci keishi- Vigilant (keikai)
Kacie keishi- Vigilant (keikai)
Kacy keishi- Vigilant (keikai)
Kad kado    
Kada kada    
Kadda kada    
Kade kade    
Kade keido    
KaDee keidi    
Kadee keidi-    
Kadeem kadi-mu    
Kaden keiden Companion (tomo)
Kadence keidensu   Cadence
Kadia kadia    
Kadin kadin Friend (tomo)
Kadiri kadiri    
Kadisha kadisha Holy (shinjin)
Kadit kadito   Small Pitcher
Kadiya kadiya   Pitcher
Kaela keira    
Kaela kaera    
Kaelan keiran   Slender
Kaelia keria    
Kaeshi kaeshi    
Kaesyn keishin    
Kaf kafu    
Kageto kageto    
Kagiso kagiso Peace (heiwa)
Kahala kahara   Amberjack
Kahiry kahiri-    
Kahlil ka-riru Best Friend (shin'yuu)
Kai kai Sea (umi)
Kaiah kaia    
Kaiden kaiden    
Kaiden keiden    
Kaija kaiya    
Kaila kaira    
Kailash kairashu    
Kaile kaire    
Kailey keiri-    
Kaili kairi-    
Kaili kairi    
Kairi kairi-    
Kairi kairi    
Kairiana kairiana    
Kais kaisu    
Kaitie keiti Pure (junsui)
Kaitlin keitorin Pure (junsui)
Kaitlyn keitorin Pure (junsui)
Kaiulani kaiurani    
Kaka kaka    
Kaki ka-ki-    
Kal karu    
Kala ka-ra    
Kalani karani Heaven (tengoku)
Kalanit karanito    
Kale keiru    
Kalee kari    
Kaleem kari-mu    
Kaleigh keiri-   Slender
Kaleigh kari-    
Kalel kareru    
Kalen keiren    
Kalen karen    
Kalev karevu Faithful (chuujitsu)
Kaley keiri-   Slender
Kali kari   [Hindu Godess]
Kalia karia    
Kalila karira    
Kalina karina    
Kallie kari- Beautiful (bi)
Kallista kyarisuta Most Beautiful (saikoubi)
Kalpana karupana    
Kalyn keirin Pure (junsui)
Kalynn keirin    
Kam kamu    
Kamal kamaru    
Kamali kamari    
Kami kami-    
Kamil kamiru    
Kamila kamira   Perfection
Kamilah kamira   Perfection
Kamilla kamira   Priest Assistant
Kamille kami-ru   Priest Assistant
Kamon kamon    
Kamryn kamurin    
Kanaf kanafu    
Kanai kanai    
Kandace kyandasu   Clarity
Kandi kyandi Sweet (kanbi)
Kandice kyandisu   Clarity
Kandis kyandisu   Clarity
Kandy kyandi Sweet (kanbi)
Kane kein Wise (kenmei)
Kaneesha kanisha    
Kanesha kanisha    
Kaniesha kanisha    
Kanika kanika    
Kanisha kanisha    
Kanon kanon    
Kaori kaori    
Kaoru kaoru    
Kara ka-ra Beloved (saiai)
Karan karan Pure (junsui)
Kareem kari-mu   Generous
Kareena kari-na    
Karel kareru    
Karen karen Pure (junsui)
Karey kyari- Love (ai)
Kari kari Pure (junsui)
Kari ka-ri    
Karie kyari- Love (ai)
Karim karimu    
Karin karin Pure (junsui)
Karin karan Pure (junsui)
Karina karina Pure (junsui)
Karina kari-na    
Karine kari-nu Maiden (shoujo)
Kario kario    
Karis karisu Grace (megumi)
Karisa karissa Kindness (shinsetsu)
Karishma karishuma Miracle (kiseki)
Karisma karisuma    
Karisma karizuma    
Karissa karissa Kindness (shinsetsu)
Karl ka-ru Freedom (jiyuu)
Karl-Heinz ka-ruhaintsu    
Karla ka-ra Freedom (jiyuu)
Karlene ka-ri-n Freedom (jiyuu)
Karlheinz ka-ruhaintsu    
Karly ka-ri- Freedom (jiyuu)
Karlyn kyarorin Freedom (jiyuu)
Karm ka-mu Fate (unmei)
Karma karuma Karma (gou)
Karmel ka-meru    
Karmen karumen Song (uta)
Karmin karumin    
Karmit ka-mito    
Karna karuna   Ear (mimi)
Karol kyaroru Freedom (jiyuu)
Karole kyaroru Freedom (jiyuu)
Karolin karorin    
Karolina karori-na    
Karolina karorina    
Karoline kyarorain Freedom (jiyuu)
Karoline karori-ne    
Karoly ka-roi    
Karolyn kyarorin Freedom (jiyuu)
Karon karon    
Karren karen Pure (junsui)
Karrie kyari- Love (ai)
Karron karon    
Karsh ka-shu Faith (shinkou)
Karsten ka-suten Christ (kirisuto)
Karsyn ka-shin    
Kartick karutikku    
Karyl kyaroru Freedom (jiyuu)
Karyn karin Pure (junsui)
Karys karisu Love (ai)
Kasan kazan    
Kasandra kasandora Prophetess (yogensha)
Kasey keishi- Vigilant (keikai)
Kash kyasshu    
Kashinath kashina-to    
Kasi kashi- Prophetess (yogensha)
Kasi keishi- Vigilant (keikai)
Kasie kashi- Prophetess (yogensha)
Kason keison Pure (junsui)
Kaspit kasupito    
Kassandra kasandora Prophetess (yogensha)
Kassie kashi- Prophetess (yogensha)
Kat kyatto Pure (junsui)
Kat katto Pure (junsui)
Kat kato Pure (junsui)
Katania katania    
Kataniya kataniya    
Katara katara    
Katarina katarina Pure (junsui)
Katarina katari-na Pure (junsui)
Katarzyna kataji-na Pure (junsui)
Katarzyna katajina Pure (junsui)
Katarzyna katajina Pure (junsui)
Kate keito Pure (junsui)
Katee kyati Pure (junsui)
Katelin keitorin Pure (junsui)
Katelyn keitorin Pure (junsui)
Kateri kateri Pure (junsui)
Katerina kateri-na Pure (junsui)
Kathalina kyasari-na Pure (junsui)
Katharina katari-na    
Katharine kyasarin Pure (junsui)
Katharyn kyasarin Pure (junsui)
Katharyna katarina Pure (junsui)
Kathe kyashi- Pure (junsui)
Katherin kyasarin Pure (junsui)
Katherine kyasarin Pure (junsui)
Katherine katori-nu Pure (junsui)
Katheryn kyasarin Pure (junsui)
Kathey kyashi- Pure (junsui)
Kathi kyashi- Pure (junsui)
Kathie kyashi- Pure (junsui)
Kathleen kyasuri-n Pure (junsui)
Kathleen kyasurin    
Kathlene kyasuri-n Pure (junsui)
Kathline kyasuri-n Pure (junsui)
Kathrin kyasurin Pure (junsui)
Kathrin katori-n Pure (junsui)
Kathrine kyasurin Pure (junsui)
Kathryn kyasurin Pure (junsui)
Kathryn kyasarin Pure (junsui)
Kathryne kyasurin Pure (junsui)
Kathy kyashi- Pure (junsui)
Kathy kati Pure (junsui)
Kathyrn kyasarin Pure (junsui)
Kati kati Pure (junsui)
Katia katia    
Katie keiti Pure (junsui)
Katija katiya Pure (junsui)
Katina kati-na Pure (junsui)
Katiria katiria    
Katja ka-cha    
Katlyn keitorin Pure (junsui)
Kato kato    
Kato katou    
Katren katoren Pure (junsui)
Katriina katori-na Pure (junsui)
Katrin katorin Pure (junsui)
Katrin katori-n Pure (junsui)
Katrina katori-na Pure (junsui)
Katrine katorin Pure (junsui)
Katsu katsu    
Katt katto    
Kattie keiti Pure (junsui)
Katy keiti Pure (junsui)
Katy kati Pure (junsui)
Katya katia Pure (junsui)
Katya kacha Pure (junsui)
Kaushiki kaushiki    
Kavan kavan    
Kaven kaven   Handsome
Kavita kavi-ta Poem (shi)
Kay kei   Rejoice
Kayce keishi- Vigilant (keikai)
Kaycee keishi- Vigilant (keikai)
Kayden keiden Balance (kinkou)
Kaye kei    
Kayla keira Lovely (suteki)
Kaylah keira Lovely (suteki)
Kayleb keirebu Faithful (chuujitsu)
Kaylee keiri-   Slender
Kayleigh keiri-   Slender
Kaylia keiria    
Kaylie keiri-   Slender
Kaylyn keirin Pure (junsui)
Kayne kein    
Kayte keito Pure (junsui)
Kaytie keiti Pure (junsui)
Kaytlin keitorin Pure (junsui)
Kazimierz kajimieshu    
Kazuki kazuki    
Kazuko kazuko    
Kea kia    
Keanu kianu    
Keaton ki-ton    
Keck kekku    
Kedma kedoma    
Kedusha kedusha Holy (shinjin)
Kedushah kedusha Holy (shinjin)
Keefe ki-fu   Handsome
Keegan ki-gan   Small Flame
Keel ki-ru    
Keeley ki-ri-    
Keelin ki-rin   Slim and Fair
Keen ki-n    
Keena ki-na Ancient (kodai)
Keenan ki-nan    
Keene ki-n   Battle
Keenen ki-nan Ancient (kodai)
Keerthi kiruti    
Kees ke-su    
Kees keisu    
Keesha ki-sha Lively (kappatsu)
Kefira kefira    
Keiko keiko    
Keila keira    
Keilah keira    
Keilah kiaira    
Keine kain    
Keine kein    
Keir kea    
Keir ki-a    
Keira ki-ra Black (kuro)
Keiron ki-ron    
Keisha ki-sha Lively (kappatsu)
Keisha keisha    
Keith ki-su Forest (shinrin)
Keke kiki Pure (kiki)

Select the first letter of the name:

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United States Census - 1990 - The top 2400 male and female names from this US government publication are covered in our list.

The Etymology of First Names - An excellent site for researching the meaning and pronunciations of given names.

StockKanji - Names in Japanese Calligraphy - Over 9000 names translated to Japanese. This is a searchable site giving much more information about each name than we show here. Many names also have original, hand-lettered designs for personal use like a tattoo and for professional use such as for wedding invitations or as part of a logo design.

Jeffrey's Japanese<->English Dictionary Server - An good online dictionary that does not require Japanese fonts. This dictionary can be terse so it is easy to misinterpret. Its value for name translations is limited as it does not give the pronunciation.

Goo Jiten - A good online English/Japanese dictionary. Japanese fonts are required.


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