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Names in Japanese - M

Names in Japanese make beautiful works of art. Whether art suitable for framing for your home or office - or more personally artwork on your body  - we have thousands of original designs by Master Takase each meticulously translated and documented. We give you all the information so you can easily verify the translations for yourself so you can be as happy with the translation as you are with the beautiful art.

This is a list of over ten thousand names and their meanings meticulously translated to Japanese. The name translations are a phonetic translation to katakana which is the correct way names are translated to Japanese and is the way non-Japanese names appear in dictionaries, newspapers, and encyclopedias.

We also include literal translation to kanji which translates the original meaning of the name. The literal translation works especially well for names like Faith and Joy where the name has a clear meaning. For more information on how names can be translated to Japanese read Eri Takase's article How to Write Names in Japanese which first appeared in her monthly column in Martial Arts Insiders Magazine.

Note that a name can have several pronunciation and may even have different meanings depending on the derivation. A common example is the name "Jan" which can be pronounced JAN or YAHN. Because of space limitations we do not show the pronunciation in this list, however, if you click on the name you can find this along with other important details about the translation.

Is your name not in our list? Special order any first or last name at Special Order Name in Japanese

Japanese Tattoo Designs
Hand-Lettered Japanese Kanji for Art, Tattoos and Professional Design
by Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase

For each name we have designs specifically suited for tattoos.
Each design may also be special ordered as hand-lettered art unframed or framed.

Michael is My Life Amanda is My Love Charles is My Soul Mate

Thousands of Designs / Ordering is Safe and Easy / Downloads Available Immediately

Note - We have recently updated the StockKanji website so many names were taken down. If the name you are looking for is missing please contact us and we will add the name to the list. We apologize for the inconvenience while the new site is being update.

Select the first letter of the name:

Name Romaji Katakana Kanji Meaning (Reading)
Mabel maberu    
Mabel meiberu Cute (kawaii)
Mabel meiburu    
Mabelle meiberu Cute (kawaii)
Mable meiberu Cute (kawaii)
Mabo mabo    
Mabrouk maburuku    
Mac makku Son (musuko)
Macaulay mako-re-    
Macdonald makudonarudo    
Macha ma-sha    
Maciej machei    
MacIntyre makkintaia    
Mack makku Son (musuko)
MacKenna makkenna   Ascend
Mackenzie makkenji-   Fire-born
MacKinlay makkinre-    
Mackintosh makkintosshu    
Maclean makuri-n    
Macon meikon    
Macy meishi-    
Madame madamu    
Madchen mecchen    
Maddie madi God's Gift (shinzou)
Maddox madokkusu   Generous
Maddy madi    
Madelaine maderi-n   High Tower
Madeleine maderin    
Madeleine madore-nu    
Madeleine maderi-n   High Tower
Madelene maderi-n   High Tower
Madeline maderi-n   High Tower
Madeline maderain   High Tower
Madeline maderin   High Tower
Madelyn maderin   High Tower
Madge majji    
Madhav ma-davu    
Madhur madoha-ru   Sweet
Madhur maduru   Sweet
Madhuri maduri   Sweet
Madie madi God's Gift (shinzou)
Madison madison   High Tower
Madlyn maderin   High Tower
Madolyn madorin    
Madonna madonna    
Mads mattsu    
Mads maddzu God's Gift (shinzou)
Maduka madu-ka    
Mady meidi    
Madysen madisen    
Mae mei May (gogatsu)
Maegan megan Pearl (shinju)
Maeghan mi-gan    
Maeve me-vu   Intoxicating
Magali magari    
Magda maguda   High Tower
Magdalen magudaren   High Tower
Magdalena magudarena   High Tower
Magdalene magudaren   High Tower
Magen megan Pearl (shinju)
Maggie magi- Pearl (shinju)
Magnolia magunoria Magnolia (mokuren)
Magnus magunasu Great (idai)
Maharaja maharaja    
Maher meiha-    
Maher ma-    
Maher maha-    
Maher maeru    
Maher maheru    
Mahesh mahe-shu    
Mahesh maheshu    
Mahima mahima- Great (idai)
Mai mai    
Maia maya    
Maia maia    
Maida maida Maiden (shoujo)
Maidel meideru    
Maidie meidi Maiden (shoujo)
Maike maike Wished-For (nozomi)
Maikel mikaeru Divine (shinsei)
Maikel maikeru Divine (shinsei)
Maikel mihaeru Divine (shinsei)
Maimouna maimuna    
Maine me-nu    
Maisie meiji-    
Maisy meiji-    
Maisy meishi-    
Maja maya Great (idai)
Maja maiya Great (idai)
Majandra mahandora    
Major meija- Great (idai)
Mak maku    
Makena makena Happiness (koufuku)
Makenzie makkenji-   Fire-born
Makini makini Serenity (seion)
Makinley makkinri-    
Mako mako    
Makram makuramu   Generous
Maksim makushimu   Greatest
Maksim makushimu Charming (miwaku)
Maksima makushima Charming (miwaku)
Makyla makaira Divine (shinsei)
Mala mara    
Mala ma-ra    
Malachi marakai Angel (tenshi)
Malachi maraki Angel (tenshi)
Malachy maraki- Angel (tenshi)
Malachy maraki Angel (tenshi)
Malaika marai-ka Angel (tenshi)
Malcolm marukomu    
Malcom marukomu    
Malena mare-na    
Malene marene   High Tower
Malene maren   High Tower
Malgorzata maugoja-ta Pearl (shinju)
Malick marikku    
Maliha mariha Pleasant (yukai)
Malik mariku    
Malika marika Queen (joou)
Malin mari-n   High Tower
Malin marin    
Malisa marissa Bee (hachi)
Malissa marissa Bee (hachi)
Malka maruka Queen (oujo)
Malki maruki Queen (oujo)
Malkia marukia Queen (joou)
Malkit marukitto Queen (oujo)
Mallika marika    
Mallikarjun marikarujun    
Malya marya    
Mamie mami- Pearl (shinju)
Mamie meimi-    
Mammie mami- Pearl (shinju)
Mamta mamuta-    
Mana mana    
Mandi mandi Lovable (kawaii)
Mandie mandi Lovable (kawaii)
Mandino mandi-no    
Mandisa mandi-sa Sweet (kanbi)
Mandy mandi Lovable (kawaii)
Manel maneru    
Mani mani Jewel (houseki)
Manish mani-shu    
Manisha mani-sha    
Manmohan manmohan    
Manning maningu    
Manny mani-    
Mano mano    
Manoel manoeru    
Manoj manoji    
Manoj mano-ji    
Manolo manoro    
Manon manon    
Mansoor mansu-ru    
Mansur mansuru Victory (shouri)
Manu manu-    
Manuel manyueru   God is with us
Manuel manueru   God is with us
Manuela manyuera    
Manus manasu Great (idai)
Maor mao- Light (hikari)
Mar ma-ru Sea (umi)
Mara ma-ra    
Maranda maranda Wonder (kiseki)
Marayat marayatto    
Marc maruku    
Marc ma-ku Warrior (senshi)
Marcel maruseru    
Marcel ma-seru    
Marcela marusera    
Marceline ma-serin    
Marcelino maruseri-no    
Marcella ma-sera    
Marcella maruchera Warrior (senshi)
Marcelle maruseru    
Marcelle ma-seru    
Marcello maruchero Warrior (senshi)
Marcello marusero    
Marci ma-shi- Warrior (senshi)
Marcia ma-sha Warrior (senshi)
Marcia marushia    
Marcia ma-shia    
Marcie ma-shi- Warrior (senshi)
Marco maruko Warrior (senshi)
Marcus marukusu    
Marcus ma-kasu Warrior (senshi)
Marcy ma-shi- Warrior (senshi)
Mardee ma-di-    
Mare mea    
Marek mareku    
Maren maren    
Marg ma-gu    
Marga ma-ga    
Margaret ma-garetto Pearl (shinju)
Margarete ma-garetto Pearl (shinju)
Margareth marugare-to    
Margaretha marugare-ta    
Margarett ma-garetto Pearl (shinju)
Margarette ma-garetto Pearl (shinju)
Margarita marugari-ta Pearl (shinju)
Margaux ma-go Pearl (shinju)
Marge ma-ji   High Tower
Margery ma-jeri-    
Margherita marugeri-ta Pearl (shinju)
Margi ma-ji Pearl (shinju)
Margie ma-ji Pearl (shinju)
Margie ma-gi-    
Margit marugitto    
Margo ma-go Pearl (shinju)
Margorie ma-jori- Pearl (shinju)
Margot ma-go Pearl (shinju)
Margot ma-gotto    
Margreth maruguretto    
Marguerita marugari-ta Pearl (shinju)
Marguerite maruguritto    
Marguerite ma-gari-to    
Marguerite ma-garetto    
Margy ma-ji Pearl (shinju)
Mari mari Wished-For (nozomi)
Mari mari-    
Maria maria Wished-For (nozomi)
Mariah maraia Wished-For (nozomi)
Marian marian Wished-For (nozomi)
Mariana mariana Wished-For (nozomi)
Mariane marian Wished-For (nozomi)
Marianella marianera    
Mariangela marianjera    
Mariann marian Wished-For (nozomi)
Marianna marianna    
Marianna mariana Wished-For (nozomi)
Marianne marianne    
Marianne marian Wished-For (nozomi)
Marianne mariannu    
Mariano maria-no    
Maribel mariberu Wished-For (nozomi)
Maricar marika- Wished-For (nozomi)
Maricarmen marikarumen Wished-For (nozomi)
Mariclare marikurea    
Marie marie    
Marie mari- Wished-For (nozomi)
Mariebelle mari-bere    
Marieh mari-e-    
Marieke marike Wished-For (nozomi)
Mariel marieru    
Mariela mariera    
Marietta marietta    
Mariette marietto    
Marietto marietto    
Marika marika Wished-For (nozomi)
Marilou mariru Wished-For (nozomi)
Marilou mariru-    
Marilu mariru Wished-For (nozomi)
Marilyn maririn   [Mary + Lyn]
Marilyne mariri-nu    
Marilynn maririn   [Mary + Lyn]
Marin marin Wished-For (nozomi)
Marina marina Sea (umi)
Marina mari-na    
Marine mari-n Maritime (kaijou)
Marine mari-nu    
Marini marini Charming (miwaku)
Marinna marina Sea (umi)
Marino marino Sea (umi)
Marino mari-no    
Mario mario Courageous (yuusou)
Mariola mariora    
Marion marion Wished-For (nozomi)
Maris marisu Sea (umi)
Marisa mariza    
Marisa marisa Sea (umi)
Mariska marisuka    
Marisol marisoru Wished-For (nozomi)
Marissa marisa Sea (umi)
Marissa marissa    
Marit maritto    
Marita marita    
Maritess maritesu    
Maritza marittsa    
Marius mariasu    
Marius mariusu Courageous (yuusou)
Mariya maria    
Marjoe ma-jo    
Marjorie ma-jori- Pearl (shinju)
Marjory ma-jori- Pearl (shinju)
Mark ma-ku Warrior (senshi)
Markie ma-ki-    
Markita maruki-ta    
Markku marukku Warrior (senshi)
Marko maruko Warrior (senshi)
Markos marukosu    
Markus ma-kasu Warrior (senshi)
Marla ma-ra   High Tower
Marle ma-ru    
Marlee ma-ri-   Pleasant Woods
Marleen ma-ri-n   High Tower
Marleine ma-ri-n   High Tower
Marlen ma-ri-n   High Tower
Marlene mare-ne    
Marlene ma-ri-n   High Tower
Marlene marure-nu    
Marley ma-ri-   Pleasant Woods
Marlie ma-ri-   High Tower
Marline ma-ri-n   High Tower
Marlo ma-ro   High Tower
Marlon ma-ron    
Marne ma-n    
Marne marune Sea (umi)
Marnette ma-netto    
Marni ma-ni    
Marnie ma-ni-    
Marpessa marupessa    
Marques ma-kasu    
Marquis ma-kisu    
Marsha ma-sha Warrior (senshi)
Marshall ma-sharu Stable Hand (batei)
Marta ma-ta    
Marta maruta Lady (shukujo)
Marth ma-su Lady (shukujo)
Martha ma-sa Lady (shukujo)
Martha maruta    
Marthe maruto    
Marti ma-ti Warrior (senshi)
Martial marusharu    
Martial marutiaru    
Martin marutin    
Martin marutan    
Martin ma-tin Warrior (senshi)
Martina marutina Warrior (senshi)
Martine ma-ti-n Warrior (senshi)
Martine maruti-nu    
Martine ma-ti-ne Warrior (senshi)
Martine ma-tin    
Martita marutita    
Marton ma-ton    
Martti maruti    
Marty ma-ti Warrior (senshi)
Martyn ma-tin    
Maruchi maruchi    
Maruschka maru-shuka    
Marvel maruveru Wonder (kiseki)
Marvell maruveru Wonder (kiseki)
Marvella maruvera Wonder (kiseki)
Marvin ma-vin Mariner (suifu)
Mary meari- Wished-For (nozomi)
Mary mari-    
Mary meari    
Marya maria Wished-For (nozomi)
Maryam mariamu    
Maryann meari-an Wished-For (nozomi)
Maryanne meari-an Wished-For (nozomi)
Marylin maririn   [Mary + Lyn]
Maryln maririn   [Mary + Lyn]
Marylouise meari-rui-zu    
Maryluise meri-rui-zu    
Marylyn maririn   [Mary + Lyn]
Marylynn maririn   [Mary + Lyn]
Marzena marutsena Dream (yume)
Masae masae   [Japanese]
Masaki masaki   [Japanese Name]
Masara masara Joy (yorokobi)
Masha ma-sha    
Mason meison Stone worker (ishiku)
Masos masosu Joy (yorokobi)
Massimo masshimo    
Mastan masutan    
Mata mata    
Mata ma-ta    
Matania matania God's Gift (shinzou)
Mataniah matania God's Gift (shinzou)
Matanya matania God's Gift (shinzou)
Matanyah matania God's Gift (shinzou)
Mateo mateo God's Gift (shinzou)
Mathabo masabo    
Matheus mateusu    
Mathew mashu- God's Gift (shinzou)
Mathias matiasu God's Gift (shinzou)
Mathieu machu-    
Mathilda matiruda   Strong in Battle
Mathilde matirudo   Mighty in Battle
Matia matia    
Matiaz matiasu    
Matilda matiruda   Strong in Battle
Matilde matirude   Mighty
Mato mato    
Mats mattsu    
Matt matto God's Gift (shinzou)
Matteo matteo God's Gift (shinzou)
Mattew mashu-    
Matthew mashu- God's Gift (shinzou)
Matthias masaiasu God's Gift (shinzou)
Matthias mati-asu    
Matthieu machu-    
Matti matti    
Mattia mattia    
Mattie mati God's Gift (shinzou)
Maud maudo    
Maud mo-do Strength (kyouryoku)
Maude mo-do Strength (kyouryoku)
Maudie mo-di   Mighty
Maulik mo-riku King (ou)
Maura mo-ra Wished-For (nozomi)
Maureen mo-rin    
Maureen mo-ri-n Wished-For (nozomi)
Mauri mo-ri    
Maurice maurisu    
Maurice morisu Dark (koi)
Maurice mo-risu    
Mauricette morisetto    
Mauricio maurishio   Moorish, Dark-skinned
Maurine mo-ri-n Wished-For (nozomi)
Maurita maurita Wished-For (nozomi)
Mauritz mo-rittsu    
Maurizio mauritsio    
Mauro mauro   Moorish, Dark-skinned
Maury mo-ri-    
Mavis meivisu Song Thrush (utatsugumi)
Mawongo mawongo    
Max makkusu Great (idai)
Maxence makusansu   Greatest
Maxim makishimu    
Maxime makushimu   Greatest
Maxime makushime   Greatest
Maximilian makushimirian    
Maxine makushi-n Great (idai)
Maxine makushi-nu    
Maxmilian makishimirian    
Maxwell makusuweru    
May mei May (gogatsu)
Maya maiya Great (idai)
Maya meiya Great (idai)
Maya maya Great (idai)
Maye mei May (gogatsu)
Mayim meimu   Water
Mayra maira Myrrh (motsuyaku)
Maysie meiji-    
Mayte maite    
Mayur mayu-ru Peacock (kujaku)
Mayuri mayu-ri Peahen (kujaku)
Mazal mazaru Star (hoshi)
Mazala mazara Star (hoshi)
Mazhar maza-ru    
Mazza mazza    
Mbongeni mubongeni    
McBee makubi-    
McCaleb makeirebu    
McCartney makka-toni-    
McKay makkei    
McKenna makkenna   Ascend
McKenzie makkenji-   Fire-Born
McKinley makkinri-   White Warrior
Meade mi-do    
Meadow medou    
Meadows medouzu    
Meagan mi-gan    
Meagan megan Pearl (shinju)
Meagen mi-gan    
Meaghan megan Pearl (shinju)
Meara meara Joy (yorokobi)
Med meddo    
Meena mi-na    
Meeta mi-ta    
Meg megu Pearl (shinju)
Megan megan Pearl (shinju)
Megan me-gan    
Megan mi-gan Pearl (shinju)
Meggan megan Pearl (shinju)
Meghan megan Pearl (shinju)
Meghann megan Pearl (shinju)
Megs megusu    
Mehcad mekaddo    
Mehdi medi    
Mehdi mehidi    
Mehmet mafumetto Praiseworthy (shousan)
Mei mei May (gogatsu)
Meir meia Light (hikari)
Meira meira Light (hikari)
Meirah meira Light (hikari)
Mekenzie mekkenji-   Fire-Born
Mekhi meki    
Mel meru Leader (sousui)
Mela mera    
Melaine merani- Dark (koi)
Melanee merani-    
Melani merani- Dark (koi)
Melanie merani- Dark (koi)
Melany merani- Dark (koi)
Melba meruba   Border
Melchior merukio-ru    
Melchior meruhio-ru    
Melendy merendi    
Melesio mereshio   Careful
Melia meria Honey (hachimitsu)
Melina merina Song (uta)
Melina meri-na    
Melinda merinda Gentle (onwa)
Melisa merissa Honey (hachimitsu)
Melissa merissa Honey (hachimitsu)
Melisse merisse Honey (hachimitsu)
Melisse merissa Honey (hachimitsu)
Melissia merissa    
Melita merita Honey (hachimitsu)
Melker meruka-    
Mellisa merissa Honey (hachimitsu)
Mellissa merissa Honey (hachimitsu)
Mellony merani- Dark (koi)
Melodee merodi- Melody (senritsu)
Melodi merodi- Melody (senritsu)
Melodie merodi- Melody (senritsu)
Melody merodi    
Melody merodi- Melody (senritsu)
Melonie merani- Dark (koi)
Melonie meroni-    
Melony merani- Dark (koi)
Melora mero-ra    
Melvil meruviru    
Melville meruviru    
Melvin meruvin Leader (sousui)
Melvyn meruvin Leader (sousui)
Melynda merinda Gentle (onwa)
Memmo menmo    
Mena mi-na    
Menahem menahemu    
Menahem menahamu    
Mennan menan    
Merab mera-bu    
Meranda meranda Wonder (kiseki)
Mercedes merusedesu Mercy (jihi)
Mercedes ma-sedesu    
Mercedez merusedesu Mercy (jihi)
Mercy ma-shi- Mercy (jihi)
Mere mia-    
Meredith meredisu Great Lord (oonushi)
Meret me-reto    
Meri meri Sea (umi)
Merian merian    
Merideth meridisu Great Lord (oonushi)
Meridith meridisu Great Lord (oonushi)
Merja meruya    
Merl ma-ru Blackbird (karasu)
Merle ma-ru Blackbird (karasu)
Merna ma-na Beloved (saiai)
Merri meri-   Merry
Merrie meri-   Merry
Merrill meriru   Bright Sea
Merrina merina    
Merritt meritto    
Merry meri-   Merry
Merryn merin    
Meru meru    
Mervyn ma-vin    
Merwin meruvin    
Meryl meriru   Bright Sea
Meshach meshaku    
Metcalf metoka-fu    
Metinee metini-    
Mette mette Pearl (shinju)
Mia mia Wished-For (nozomi)
Micaela mikaera Divine (shinsei)
Micah maika Divine (shinsei)
Micha maika Divine (shinsei)
Michael mihyaeru Divine (shinsei)
Michael missheru    
Michael maikeru Divine (shinsei)
Michael mikaeru    
Michael misheru    
Michael mihairu    
Michaela mikaera Divine (shinsei)
Michaella mikaera Divine (shinsei)
Michailidis maikaraidisu    
Michal mihau    
Michal maikeru Divine (shinsei)
Michale maikeru Divine (shinsei)
Micheal maikeru Divine (shinsei)
Michel maikeru Divine (shinsei)
Michel missheru    
Michel misheru Divine (shinsei)
Michela mikera    
Michelangelo mikeranjero    
Michele misheru Divine (shinsei)
Michele mike-re    
Micheline mishuri-nu    
Michell misheru Divine (shinsei)
Michelle mishe-ru    
Michelle misheru Divine (shinsei)
Michelle missheru    
Mick mikku Divine (shinsei)
Mickael mikaeru    
Mickey mikki- Divine (shinsei)
Micki mikki- Divine (shinsei)
Mickie mikki- Divine (shinsei)
Micky mikki- Divine (shinsei)
Micole miko-ru    
Mighty maiti    
Miguel migeru Divine (shinsei)
Mijanou mijanu-    
Mika mika Divine (shinsei)
Mikael mikaeru    
Mikaela mikaera Divine (shinsei)
Mikami mikami   [Japanese Name]
Mikayla mikeira Divine (shinsei)
Mike maiku Divine (shinsei)
Mikel maikeru Divine (shinsei)
Mikhail mihairu    
Mikheil mihairu    
Mikheil miheiru    
Miki miki   [Japanese]
Miki mikki- Divine (shinsei)
Mikka mika Divine (shinsei)
Mikkeline mikerin    
Mikki mikki- Divine (shinsei)
Mikko mikko    
Miko maiko    
Mila mira    
Milan miran    
Milburn miruba-n    
Mildred mirudoreddo   Gentle Strength
Milena mire-na    
Miles mairuzu Warrior (senshi)
Mili miri    
Milisa mirisa    
Miliza miriza    
Milla mira    
Millard mira-do    
Mille mire    
Millicent mirisento Brave Strength (yuukyou)
Millie miri-   Mild Strength
Mills miruzu    
Milly miri-   Mild Strength
Milo mairo Warrior (senshi)
Milo miro    
Milos mirosu    
Milton miruton   Mill Town
Milton miuton    
Mimi mimi Wished-For (nozomi)
Mimmo minmo    
Mimsy mimuji-    
Mina mi-na    
Mindi mindi Gentle (onwa)
Mindy mindi Gentle (onwa)
Minerva mina-va Intellect (richi)
Minissha mini-sha-    
Minissha mini-sha-    
Minna minna    
Minna mina    
Minnie mini- Resolute Protector (yuubou)
Mino mi-no    
Minor maina-    
Minta minta    
Miquelina mikerina    
Mira mi-ra Sea (umi)
Mira mira    
Mirabella mirabera    
Mirabelle miraberu    
Miranda miranda Wonder (kiseki)
Mircea miruchea Peace (heiwa)
Mircea mirucha Peace (heiwa)
Mireille mireiyu    
Mirella mirerra    
Miriam miriamu Wished-For (nozomi)
Mirjana miryana    
Mirko miruko   Peace and Glory
Mirlan miruran    
Mirna miruna Beloved (saiai)
Miroslav mirosurafu   Peace and Glory
Miroslaw mirosuwafu    
Mirza miruza Prince (ouji)
Mischa mi-sha    
Mischa misha    
Misha mi-sha    
Mishawn misho-n    
Mishelle misheru Divine (shinsei)
Missi misshi- Bee (hachi)
Missy misshi- Bee (hachi)
Misti misuti- Mist (kiri)
Mistie misuti- Mist (kiri)
Misty misuti- Mist (kiri)
Misty misuti    
Mitch micchi Divine (shinsei)
Mitchel miccheru Divine (shinsei)
Mitchell miccheru Divine (shinsei)
Mitsos mitsosu    
Mitsou mitsu    
Mitsue mitsue   [Japanese]
Mittie miti    
Mitzi mittsi    
Mncedisi munsedishi   Helper
Mo mo-    
Moe mo-    
Moerk moruku    
Mogens mo-gensu    
Mohamed mohamedo    
Mohamed mohameddo Praise (shousan)
Mohammed mohamedo    
Mohammed mohameddo Praise (shousan)
Mohit mohitto    
Mohsen mofusen    
Moira moira    
Moises moisesu    
Mojo mojo    
Molino morino    
Mollie mori- Wished-For (nozomi)
Molly mori- Wished-For (nozomi)
Mollye mori- Wished-For (nozomi)
Mona mona Noble (kizoku)
Monet monetto    
Mongo mongo    
Monica monika Solitude (kodoku)
Monika monika Solitude (kodoku)
Monique moniku Solitude (kodoku)
Monique moni-ku    
Monta monta    
Montagu montagyu-    
Montana montana   Mountain
Monte monte    
Monte monti Mountain (yama)
Montgomery mongomeri-    
Montserrat montoserato    
Monty monti Mountain (yama)
Moon mu-n Moon (tsuki)
Moon mun Moon (tsuki)
Moonha mo-na    
Moose mu-su   Moose
Moosie mu-shi-    
Morag moragu    
Morando morando    
Morena more-na   Dark
Moreno moreno   Dark
Morgan morugan    
Morgan mo-gan Sea Circle (kairin)
Morgana mo-gana    
Morgane mo-gan Sea Circle (kairin)
Morgane moruga-nu Sea Circle (kairin)
Moritz mo-rittsu    
Morland mo-rando    
Moroni moro-ni    
Morris morisu Dark (koi)
Mort mo-to    
Morton mo-ton    
Morty mo-ti    
Mos mosu    
Mosa mosa    
Mose mo-zu    
Moses mo-zesu    
Moshe moshe    
Mosleh mosure    
Mostefa mosutefa    
Mothusi motsusi    
Mouche mu-she    
Moufida mufi-da    
Mouna mona    
Moussa musa    
Moya moiya    
Mpho mafo-    
Mubarak mubaraku   Blessed
Muhamed muhamedo    
Mukesh muke-shu    
Mukundraj mukundoraji    
Muqaddar mukadda-ru    
Muriel myurieru    
Murielle murieru    
Murilo muriro    
Murphy ma-fi    
Murray ma-rei    
Murray marei Maritime (kaijou)
Murray mari-    
Murvyn ma-vin    
Musa musa   Child
Muse myu-zu    
Musetta myuzetta    
Mustafa musutafa   the chosen one
Mustapha musutafa   Chosen
Mya mia    
Mya maia    
Myanna maianna    
Mycah maika Divine (shinsei)
Mycal maikaru    
Myk maiku    
Mykelti mikeruti    
Mylene mire-nu    
Myles mairuzu Warrior (senshi)
Myra maira Myrrh (motsuyaku)
Myriam miriamu    
Myrna ma-na Beloved (saiai)
Myron mairon Myrrh (motsuyaku)
Myrtle ma-toru   Myrtle

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Recommended Books/CD:

Learn Japanese Calligraphy Lessons 1 - 6 by Eri Takase

Learn Japanese Calligraphy by Eri Takase is a unique Japanese Calligraphy course on CD-ROM. With these CD's you can learn Japanese Calligraphy by actually seeing the characters being brushed by Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase. Japanese Calligraphy is all about movement and you simply cannot learn the proper movement from a book. These CD lessons actually shows videos of Master Takase brushing the characters - and you can learn proper technique by seeing it over and over again. We also show videos of common student errors and how to correct them. Along with the videos are samples with stroke order that can be printed as well as detailed step by step instructions. Learn Japanese Calligraphy is a great learning tool by itself or to complement your current studies.

The first CD includes topics on tool selection, posture, how to hold the brush as well as the basic strokes of the block font. Each lesson covers the stroke order with examples that can be printed. Combined with our Japanese Calligraphy Sets you will have all you need to begin your study of Japanese Calligraphy.

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Japanese Kanji & Kana Revised Edition: A Guide to the Japanese Writing System (Tuttle Language Library) by Wolfgang Hadamitzky and Mark Spahn

This is an excellent reference and is perfect for learning the stroke order of kana and kanji.

This book shows all modern kanji along with the stroke order and direction. This is the perfect companion for the serious student.

The New Nelson Japanese-English Character Dictionary by John H. Haig, Andrew N. Nelson

For more advanced needs this is the best English Language Japanese-English kanji dictionary you can buy.


カタカナから引く外国人名綴り方字典 (Guide to Spellings of Foreigner's Names in Kana Orders) - Find the original non-Japanese name given the Japanese translation.

United States Census - 1990 - The top 2400 male and female names from this US government publication are covered in our list.

BabyNamer - Produced by Oxygen Media this is a good source for the meaning of names.

The Etymology of First Names - This site is our second choice when researching the meaning and pronunciations of given names.

StockKanji - Names in Japanese Calligraphy Over 9000 names translated to Japanese. This is a searchable site giving much more information about each name than we show here. Many names also have original, hand-lettered designs for personal use like a tattoo and for professional use such as for wedding invitations or as part of a logo design.

Jeffrey's Japanese<->English Dictionary Server - An on-line dictionary that does not require Japanese fonts. This dictionary is terse so it is easy to misinterpret. Its value for name translations is limited as it does not give the pronunciation.

Goo Jiten - A good on-line English/Japanese dictionary. Japanese fonts are required.

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