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Names in Japanese make beautiful works of art. Whether you are searching for art suitable for your home or office - or more personally as a Japanese tattoo design - we have thousands of original designs by Master Takase each meticulously translated and documented and beautifully brushed. We give you all the information you need to easily verify the translations for yourself as we want you to be as happy with the translation as you are with the beautiful art.

This is a list of over eleven thousand names and their meanings meticulously translated to Japanese. The name translations are a phonetic translation to katakana which is the correct way names are translated to Japanese and is the way non-Japanese names appear in dictionaries, newspapers, and encyclopedias.

When possible we also include literal translation to kanji which translates the original meaning of the name. The literal translation works especially well for names like Faith and Joy where the name has a clear meaning. For more information on how names can be translated to Japanese read Eri Takase's article How to Write Names in Japanese which first appeared in her monthly column in Martial Arts Insiders Magazine.

Note that a name can have several pronunciation and may even have different meanings depending on the derivation. A common example is the name "Jan" which can be pronounced JAN or YAHN. Because of space limitations we do not show the pronunciation in this list, however, if you click on the name you can find this information along with other important details about the translation.

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Japanese Calligraphy Designs
Hand-Lettered Japanese Kanji for Art, Tattoos and Professional Design
by Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase

For each name we have designs specifically suited for tattoos.  We also offer each design as original hand-brushed art.

Michael is My Life Amanda is My Love Charles is My Soul Mate

Thousands of Original Designs / Ordering is Safe and Easy / Tattoos Immediately Available

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Name Romaji Katakana Kanji Meaning (Reading)
Pablito paburi-to    
Pablo paburo Humility (kenkyo)
Pace pe-su    
Paco pako    
Paddy padi Aristocrat (kizoku)
Padma padoma    
Padraic pa-dorikku    
Padrick padorikku    
Page peiji Page (kyuuji)
Paige peiji Page (kyuuji)
Paisley peizuri- Church (kyoukai)
Paivi paivi    
Pal po-ru    
Palau paro-    
Palle pare    
Pallu paru Wonder (kiseki)
Paloma paroma    
Palu paru Wonder (kiseki)
Pam pamu Sweet (kanbi)
Pamela pamera Sweet (kanbi)
Pamella pamera Sweet (kanbi)
Pamelyn pamerin    
Pamera pamera    
Pammi pami    
Pamungkas pamungukasu    
Pancho pancho    
Pandit panditto    
Pandora pandora   All Gifts
Pankaj pankaji    
Pannalal pannararu    
Panos panosu    
Paola paora Humility (kenkyo)
Paolo paoro Humility (kenkyo)
Paolo pauro    
Papillon papiyon    
Paprika papurika    
Paquita paki-ta    
Parameshwar parameshuwa-ru    
Paresh pare-shu    
Pari pari Fairy (yousei)
Parinya parinya-    
Paris parisu    
Parisa parisa    
Parise parise    
Parise parisu    
Park paku    
Park pa-ku    
Parkasio parukashio    
Parker pa-ka-   Park Ranger
Parks pa-kusu    
Parley pa-ri-    
Parminder pa-minda    
Parry pari-    
Parthasarathi parutasarati    
Parween paruwi-n    
Pascal pasukaru Passover (fukkatsusai)
Pascale pasukaru Passover (fukkatsusai)
Pascual pasukwaru    
Pasquale pasukwa-re    
Pat patto Aristocrat (kizoku)
Patachou patashu-    
Pate pate    
Patel pateru   Headman
Paterson peita-son    
Patience peishensu    
Pato peito    
Patric patorikku    
Patrica patorika Aristocrat (kizoku)
Patrice patorisu Aristocrat (kizoku)
Patricia patorishia Aristocrat (kizoku)
Patricio patorishio    
Patrick patorikku Aristocrat (kizoku)
Patrika patorika    
Patrizia patoritsia    
Patsy pattsi Aristocrat (kizoku)
Patterson pata-son   Son of Patrick
Patti pati Aristocrat (kizoku)
Pattie pati Aristocrat (kizoku)
Patton patton    
Patty pati Aristocrat (kizoku)
Paul po-ru Humility (kenkyo)
Paul pauru Humility (kenkyo)
Paula po-ra Humility (kenkyo)
Paula paura    
Paule po-ru Humility (kenkyo)
Paulene po-ri-n Humility (kenkyo)
Paulette po-retto Humility (kenkyo)
Paulie po-ri-    
Paulin po-rin    
Paulina po-ri-na Humility (kenkyo)
Paulina paurina    
Pauline po-ri-n Humility (kenkyo)
Pauline po-rin    
Pauline po-ri-nu    
Paulo pauro    
Pauly po-ri-    
Pavan pavan    
Pavel pa-veru    
Pavia pavia    
Pavle pavure    
Pawel paveru    
Paxton pakusuton    
Payton peiton   Paega's homestead
Paz pazu Golden (ougon)
Paz pasu    
Pearl pa-ru Pearl (shinju)
Pearle pa-ru Pearl (shinju)
Pearlie pa-ri- Pearl (shinju)
Pearly pa-ri- Pearl (shinju)
Pearson piason    
Pedja peja    
Pedro pedoro Rock (iwa)
Peggie pegi- Pearl (shinju)
Peggy pegi- Pearl (shinju)
Peleh pere Miracle (kiseki)
Pelia peria Wonder (kiseki)
Peliah peria Wonder (kiseki)
Pell peru    
Pellicelli pericheri-    
Pen pen    
Penelope peneropi Weaver (shokujo)
Penelope penerope    
Penelope peneropi-    
Penelope penero-pu    
Peniki peniki    
Penn pen    
Penney peni- Weaver (shokujo)
Penni peni- Weaver (shokujo)
Pennie peni- Weaver (shokujo)
Penny peni- Weaver (shokujo)
Pepe pepe    
Peppe peppe    
Peppino peppino    
Per peru    
Per pea    
Per pe-ru    
Percy pa-shi-    
Perdita perudita   Lost
Perdita perudi-ta   Lost
Perez peresu    
Perez pere-zu    
Peri peri-    
Perizaad pari-za-do    
Perkins pa-kinzu    
Perkins pa-kinsu    
Perla perura    
Perla pa-ra    
Pernell pa-neru    
Pernilla perunira    
Perrette peretto    
Perrey peri- Traveler (tabibito)
Perry peri- Traveler (tabibito)
Persis pa-shisu    
Pertti perutti    
Pesko pesuko    
Pesqueira pesukeira    
Peta pe-ta    
Petal petaru Petal (hanabira)
Pete pi-to Rock (iwa)
Peter pi-ta- Rock (iwa)
Peter pe-ta-    
Peter pe-teru    
Petey piti    
Petite putitto    
Petr petoru Rock (iwa)
Petra petora Rock (iwa)
Petula pechura    
Peyton peiton   Paega's homestead
Phap fappu    
Phebe fi-bi- Bright (ki)
Phellipe firipi    
Phenicia fenishia    
Phil firu Horse Lover (umasuki)
Philip firippu Horse Lover (umasuki)
Philipp firippu Horse Lover (umasuki)
Philippe firippu Horse Lover (umasuki)
Philippine firipi-nu    
Phill firu Horse Lover (umasuki)
Phillida firi-da    
Phillip firippu Horse Lover (umasuki)
Phillips firippusu    
Phillis firisu Foliage (aoba)
Philo firo    
Phlip firippu    
Phoebe fi-bi- Bright (ki)
Phoenix fenikkusu Pheonix (fushichou)
Phoenix finikkusu Pheonix (fushichou)
Phuoc foku    
Phuoc fukku    
Phylis firisu Foliage (aoba)
Phyliss firisu Foliage (aoba)
Phyllia firia    
Phyllida firi-da    
Phyllis firisu Foliage (aoba)
Pia pia Pious (keiken)
Picolito pikorito    
Pido pido    
Pier pieru    
Pier pia    
Piera piera    
Pierangelo pieranjero    
Pierce pia-su    
Pierfrancesco pierufuranchesuko    
Piermaria pierumaria    
Piero piero    
Pierre pie-ru Rock (iwa)
Pierrick pierikku    
Piers piazu    
Pieter pi-ta-    
Pieterse pi-ta-su    
Pietro pietoro Rock (iwa)
Pilar pira-    
Pilar piraru    
Pilar pira-ru    
Pina pina    
Pinkas pinkasu    
Pino pi-no    
Pino pino    
Piotr pyo-toru Rock (iwa)
Pip pippu    
Piper paipa-   Pipe Player
Pippa pippa    
Pippo pippo    
Pir piru    
Pirrone pirone    
Pitof pitofu    
Pitt pitto    
Piyapong piyapon    
Placido purashido    
Polina pori-na Humble (kenson)
Polly pori- Wished For (nozomi)
Ponga ponga    
Pooja pu-ja Prayer (inori)
Poonch pu-nchi    
Pooni pu-ni-    
Poppy popi-   Poppy
Porida porida    
Porter po-ta-    
Portia po-sha    
Potter potta-    
Pouline po-ri-n    
Powers pawa-zu    
Prabha puraba    
Prabhakar purabaka-ru    
Prabhu purabu    
Prasenjit purasenjitto    
Preben pure-ben    
Predrag puredoragu    
Preeshan puri-shan    
Preeti puri-ti    
Preety puriti Pretty (karen)
Preity puriti    
Prem puremu    
Presley puresuri-    
Preston puresuton   Priest Town
Price puraisu   Price (atai)
Pricilla purishira Exalted (kouki)
Prince purinsu Prince (ouji)
Princess purinsesu Princess (oujo)
Priolo purioro    
Priscila purishira Exalted (kouki)
Priscilla purishira Exalted (kouki)
Priya puriya    
Priyanka puriyanka    
Priyanka puriyanka-    
Priyesh puriyeshu    
Promod puromodo    
Pruitt puru-itto    
Prunella purunera    
Psyche saiki Soul (tamashii)
Pua pua Flower (hana)
Puja puja Prayer (inori)
Punisher panissha-    
Puntti punti    
Pupella puperra    
Pupi pupi    
Purnell pa-neru    
Purushottam purushottamu    

Select the first letter of the name:

Recommended Books/CD:

Learn Japanese Calligraphy Lessons 1 - 6 by Eri Takase

Learn Japanese Calligraphy by Eri Takase is a unique Japanese Calligraphy course on CD-ROM. With these CD's you can learn Japanese Calligraphy by actually seeing the characters being brushed by Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase. Japanese Calligraphy is all about movement and you simply cannot learn the proper movement from a book. These CD lessons actually shows videos of Master Takase brushing the characters - and you can learn proper technique by seeing it over and over again. We also show videos of common student errors and how to correct them. Along with the videos are samples with stroke order that can be printed as well as detailed step by step instructions. Learn Japanese Calligraphy is a great learning tool by itself or to complement your current studies.

The first CD includes topics on tool selection, posture, how to hold the brush as well as the basic strokes of the block font. Each lesson covers the stroke order with examples that can be printed. To learn more about these lessons visit Learn Japanese Calligraphy with Eri Takase.

This is an excellent reference and is perfect for learning the stroke order of kana and kanji.

This book shows all modern kanji along with the stroke order and direction. This is the perfect companion for the serious student.

The New Nelson Japanese-English Character Dictionary by John H. Haig, Andrew N. Nelson

For more advanced needs this is the best English Language Japanese-English kanji dictionary you can buy.


United States Census - 1990 - The top 2400 male and female names from this US government publication are covered in our list.

The Etymology of First Names - An excellent site for researching the meaning and pronunciations of given names.

StockKanji - Names in Japanese Calligraphy - Over 9000 names translated to Japanese. This is a searchable site giving much more information about each name than we show here. Many names also have original, hand-lettered designs for personal use like a tattoo and for professional use such as for wedding invitations or as part of a logo design.

Jeffrey's Japanese<->English Dictionary Server - An good online dictionary that does not require Japanese fonts. This dictionary can be terse so it is easy to misinterpret. Its value for name translations is limited as it does not give the pronunciation.

Goo Jiten - A good online English/Japanese dictionary. Japanese fonts are required.


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