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Names in Japanese make beautiful works of art. Whether you are searching for art suitable for your home or office - or more personally as a Japanese tattoo design - we have thousands of original designs by Master Takase each meticulously translated and documented and beautifully brushed. We give you all the information you need to easily verify the translations for yourself as we want you to be as happy with the translation as you are with the beautiful art.

This is a list of over eleven thousand names and their meanings meticulously translated to Japanese. The name translations are a phonetic translation to katakana which is the correct way names are translated to Japanese and is the way non-Japanese names appear in dictionaries, newspapers, and encyclopedias.

When possible we also include literal translation to kanji which translates the original meaning of the name. The literal translation works especially well for names like Faith and Joy where the name has a clear meaning. For more information on how names can be translated to Japanese read Eri Takase's article How to Write Names in Japanese which first appeared in her monthly column in Martial Arts Insiders Magazine.

Note that a name can have several pronunciation and may even have different meanings depending on the derivation. A common example is the name "Jan" which can be pronounced JAN or YAHN. Because of space limitations we do not show the pronunciation in this list, however, if you click on the name you can find this information along with other important details about the translation.

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Japanese Calligraphy Designs
Hand-Lettered Japanese Kanji for Art, Tattoos and Professional Design
by Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase

For each name we have designs specifically suited for tattoos.  We also offer each design as original hand-brushed art.

Michael is My Life Amanda is My Love Charles is My Soul Mate

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Select the first letter of the name:

Name Romaji Katakana Kanji Meaning (Reading)
Sab sabu    
Sabina sabi-na    
Sabine sabi-nu    
Sabino sabino    
Sabir sabiru    
Sable seiburu Black (kuro)
Sabnani sabunani    
Sabrina saburina    
Sacha sasha Protect (hogo)
Sacha sassha    
Sachi sachi    
Sachie sachie    
Sada sada    
Sadashiv sadashivu    
Sadie seidi- Princess (oujo)
Sadie sadi    
Sadie seidi    
Sady sadi    
Sadye seidi- Princess (oujo)
Saeed sai-do    
Saemundur shi-munda-   Protection at sea
Safat safatto    
Saffron safuron   Saffron
Sagamore sagamoa    
Sagar sagaru    
Sage seiji Sage (kenja)
Sahar saharu Moon (tsuki)
Sahara sahara Moon (tsuki)
Sahil sahi-ru Leader (sousui)
Sahil sahiru Leader (sousui)
Sahira sahira    
Saia saia    
Saibal saibaru    
Said sai-do    
Saif sai-fu   Sword
Saira saira Traveller (tabibito)
Sairag saira-gu    
Sajan sajan    
Sajen seijin    
Sajid sajiddo    
Sajid sa-jido    
Sakari sakari    
Saki saki    
Sakina sakina Peace (wa)
Sakke sakke    
Saku saku    
Sal saru    
Salaetin saraetin    
Salahuddin sarafudin    
Salamat saramatto    
Saleh sa-refu    
Salida sarida Happiness (koufuku)
Salim sarimu Peace (heiwa)
Salimata sarimata    
Salley sari- Princess (oujo)
Salli sari- Princess (oujo)
Sallie sari- Princess (oujo)
Sally sari- Princess (oujo)
Salma saruma Safe (anzen)
Salman saruman Safe (anzen)
Salome sarome    
Salvador saruvadoru Savior (kyuuseishu)
Salvador sarubado-ru Savior (kyuuseishu)
Salvador saruvado-ru Savior (kyuuseishu)
Salvator saruvato-ru Savior (kyuuseishu)
Salvatore saruvato-re Savior (kyuuseishu)
Salvo saruvo    
Sam samu God Hears (shinbun)
Samaire sami-a    
Samaire sami-ra    
Samantha samansa God Hears (shinbun)
Samantha samanta    
Samar samaru    
Sameera sami-ra    
Sami sami-    
Sami sami    
Samia samia    
Samir sami-ru    
Samira samira    
Samm samu    
Sammi sami    
Sammi sami-    
Sammie sami-    
Sammo samo    
Sammuel samyueru    
Sammy sami-    
Sampson sanpuson Sun (taiyou)
Samson sanson Sun (taiyou)
Samual samyueru God Hears (shinbun)
Samuel samyueru God Hears (shinbun)
Samy sami-    
Sanaa sana Art (bijutsu)
Sanchez sanchesu    
Sanchez sanchezu    
Sancho sancho Holy (shinjin)
Sanci sanshi    
Sandahl sanda-ru    
Sandee sandi Protect (hogo)
Sandeep sandi-pu Blaze (honoo)
Sander sanda-    
Sandi sandi Protect (hogo)
Sandie sandi Protect (hogo)
Sandor sando-ru    
Sandra sandora Protect (hogo)
Sandrine sandorin Protect (hogo)
Sandro sandoro    
Sandy sandi Protect (hogo)
Sanford sanfo-do   Sandy Ford
Sangeeth sangi-to    
Sanjay sanjai Victorious (shouri)
Sanjay sanjei Victorious (shouri)
Sanjaya sanjaya Victorious (shouri)
Sanjeev sanji-vu   Living
Santa santa Holy (shinjin)
Santana santana    
Santannah santanna    
Santi santi    
Santiago santiago   Saint James
Santo santo Saint (seija)
Santos santosu Saint (seija)
Santosh santoshu    
Sanvi sanvi   Goddess Lakshmi
Saoirse shia-sha Freedom (jiyuu)
Sapphire safaia   Sapphire
Saputa saputa    
Sar sa-ru Prince (ouji)
Sara se-ra Princess (oujo)
Sara sara Princess (oujo)
Sara seira Princess (oujo)
Sarah se-ra Princess (oujo)
Sarah sara Princess (oujo)
Sarah seira Princess (oujo)
Sarah sara- Princess (oujo)
Sarai sarai Princess (oujo)
Sarain sarain    
Sargent sa-jento    
Sari sari Princess (oujo)
Sari sari- Princess (oujo)
Sarit saritto    
Sarita sarita    
Sarmah saruma    
Saro saro    
Saroj saroji    
Sarrah sara Princess (oujo)
Sarwar saruwa-ru    
Sasa sasa    
Sasa sa-sa    
Sascha sasha Protect (hogo)
Sasha sasha Protect (hogo)
Sasha sa-sha    
Sasha sassha    
Sasheen sashi-n Protect (hogo)
Sasisa sashisa    
Saskia sasukia    
Sason sason Joy (yorokobi)
Sasson sasson Joy (yorokobi)
Satch sacchi    
Satinder satinderu    
Satish satishu    
Satish satisshu    
Saturnino sachuruni-no   Saturn
Satya satiya    
Saul sauru Pray (kigan)
Saul souru Pray (kigan)
Saunders sanda-su Protect (hogo)
Saunders so-nda-su Protect (hogo)
Saundra sandora Protect (hogo)
Saundra sondora Protect (hogo)
Savanna savanna Savannah (sougen)
Savannah savanna Savannah (sougen)
Saveli saveri-    
Savely saveri-    
Saverio saverio    
Sawai sawai    
Sawyer so-ya-   Sawer of Wood
Sayaji sayaji    
Sayed sai-do    
Saylee seiri-    
Sayoko sayoko    
Sayward seiwa-do    
Scamehorn sukamiho-n    
Scarlet suka-retto Scarlet (aka)
Scarlett suka-retto Scarlet (aka)
Schechter shekuta-    
Schenone sukinone    
Schlegel shure-geru    
Schorsch sho-shu    
Schuyler sukaira- Scholar (gakusha)
Schuyler shuira-    
Scilla shira    
Scoop suku-pu    
Scooter suku-ta-    
Scot sukotto Scotland (sukottorando)
Scotch sukocchi    
Scott sukotto Scotland (sukottorando)
Scottie sukotti Scotland (sukottorando)
Scotty sukotti Scotland (sukottorando)
Scotty sukoti    
Scout sukauto    
Seamus shi-masu    
Sean sho-n God's Grace (shinkei)
Seann sho-n God's Grace (shinkei)
Seara seara Storm (arashi)
Season shi-zun   Season (kisetsu)
Seaton shi-ton    
Sebastian sebasuchan Exalted (kouki)
Sebastian zebasutia-n Exalted (kouki)
Sebastian sebasutian Exalted (kouki)
Sebastiano sebasutia-no Exalted (kouki)
Sebastien sebasuchan Exalted (kouki)
Seema shi-ma    
Seidy seidi    
Sekkou seku-    
Sela shi-ra Rock (iwa)
Sela se-ra    
Selda seruda Precious (kichou)
Selen seren    
Selena serena Moon (tsuki)
Selene seren Moon (tsuki)
Selene sere-ne Moon (tsuki)
Selig serigu Blessed (onkei)
Selima serima Peace (heiwa)
Selina serina Moon (tsuki)
Selina seri-na    
Selma seruma God Protects (kamimori)
Selmer seruma-    
Sem semu   Name
Sema sema Sky (sora)
Sema shi-ma Sky (sora)
Senih seni-    
Senta zenta   Grow
Sepideh sepide Dawn (akebono)
Sepp zeppu    
Sequoia sekoia    
Seras serasu    
Serena seri-na Serenity (seion)
Serena serena Serenity (seion)
Serenity sereniti Serenity (seion)
Serge seruju    
Serge sa-ji    
Sergei serugei    
Sergej serugei    
Sergey serugei    
Serghio serujio Protect (hogo)
Sergi seruji    
Sergio serujio Protect (hogo)
Sergio serujo Protect (hogo)
Serif serifu    
Seriff serifu    
Serik serikku   Support
Serina serina Serenity (seion)
Servantes seruvantesu    
Seth sesu Appointed (ninmei)
Settimio settimo   Seventh
Settimio settimio   Seventh
Setu setsu    
Seu seu    
Severine severi-nu    
Severn seva-n    
Sevinc sevinchi    
Seymour shi-moa   [Place Name]
Shaad sha-do    
Shabana shabana    
Shad shaddo    
Shadrak shadoraku    
Shae shei    
Shah sha-    
Shaheen shahi-n Falcon (hayabusa)
Shahid sha-hido    
Shahid shahi-do    
ShahRukh sha-ruku    
Shaila shaira    
Shaina shaina Beautiful (bi)
Shaine shein God's Grace (shinkei)
Shainee sheini-    
Shake sheiku    
Shakiem shaki-mu    
Shalaka sharaka    
Shaleena shari-na Freedom (jiyuu)
Shalil shariru    
Shalom sharo-mu Peace (heiwa)
Shalom sharomu Peace (heiwa)
Shalva sharuva    
Shamari shama-ri    
Shamim shamimu    
Shamin shamin    
Shamita shamita    
Shammi shami    
Shamus sheimasu Successor (koukei)
Shana shana Lily (yuri)
Shanae shanei    
Shanae shenei    
Shane shein God's Grace (shinkei)
Shane she-n God's Grace (shinkei)
Shani shani Red (aka)
Shania shanaia God's Grace (shinkei)
Shanice shani-su    
Shankar shankaru    
Shankar shanka-ru    
Shanna shana Lily (yuri)

Select the first letter of the name:

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United States Census - 1990 - The top 2400 male and female names from this US government publication are covered in our list.

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StockKanji - Names in Japanese Calligraphy - Over 9000 names translated to Japanese. This is a searchable site giving much more information about each name than we show here. Many names also have original, hand-lettered designs for personal use like a tattoo and for professional use such as for wedding invitations or as part of a logo design.

Jeffrey's Japanese<->English Dictionary Server - An good online dictionary that does not require Japanese fonts. This dictionary can be terse so it is easy to misinterpret. Its value for name translations is limited as it does not give the pronunciation.

Goo Jiten - A good online English/Japanese dictionary. Japanese fonts are required.


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