Mutual Benefit

jita kyouei

12 1/4″ W x 43″ H Japanese Scroll
by Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase


Mutual Benefit in Japanese is 自他共栄 which is read jita kyouei

The Japanese phrase jita kyouei (commonly written in English as “Jita Kyoei”) is a Judo term meaning “mutual welfare and prosperity”. The phrase is composed of the words 自他 (read jita) meaning “oneself and others” and 共栄 (read kyouei) meaning “mutual prosperity”.

Prof. Kano incorporated practical ideas into the traditional martial art of jujutsu, restructuring that discipline into what is now famous as “Judo.”

He inspired all those who practiced Judo to pursue a scientific approach in observing, matter-of-factly, a sense of justice, fairness and modesty. His goal was to inspire students to use the skills and experiences acquired through their practice of Judo in order to contribute to the wider area of society. Accordingly, Prof. Kano described the values for life reflected in the combined virtues of “SeiryokuZenyo ( 精力善用 )” and “Jita-Kyoei ( 自他共栄 )” – which stress the most effective and efficient use of one’s energy in the daily life, while serving others and the international community, thus contributing simultaneously to the development of society large. For Kano, Judo was the means to cultivate one’s body, mind and skills. With full acknowledgment of the benefits of Judo, Prof. Kano opened the door to women in 1893. His formal launch of a women’s division at his Kodokan Judo Institute in 1926 was revolutionary.

Jigoro Kano Memorial International Sports Institute
LEGACY ― Prof. Jigoro Kano

About The Art: This beautiful hand brushed scroll by Master Takase is personally created at the time of your order and proudly bears her seal and signature. We exclusively import this high-quality scroll with brown silk borders and fine Japanese paper from one of the finest scroll makers in Nara Japan. This is not a print but is hand brushed to match the sample as closely as possible. This is a personal work of art that is designed to last generations.

Delivery: The scroll is completed and shipped within 1-3 business days and arrives ready to display.