Family Bonds Japanese Tattoo

This is a wonderful design that includes your entire family in the tattoo and symbolizes how important your family is to you. The main character is 絆 kizuna meaning family bonds and in the lower left are first names of your family.

The names are translated using katakana which is the standard way that non-Japanese names are rendered in Japanese.

In this sample, the parent's names are to either side in a protective position. Safe between the parents are the two children's names with a small red seal for eternity between them.

The final design is emailed to you in Adobe PDF format and this has everything you need to get the design inked, including a detailed explanation and the line art which your tattoo artist must have to properly ink the design. Simply take this to your tattoo artist and you will have an original Japanese tattoo design that is unique and just for you.

The process is fun and informative and can be completed in as little as a few days.

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This Family Bonds Japanese Tattoo represents the eternal connection of family. The main character is 絆 (read kizuna) means “Family Bonds”. This surrounds the names of each family member of your family. In this sample, the parents are written to either side and the children are protected in-between.

The names are translated to Japanese using katakana which is the standard way non-Japanese names are written in Japanese. This is purely a phonetic translation so the characters have no meaning and so there is no possibility of strange or bad meanings.

This is a completely custom design and you will be working directly with Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase to make the design exactly the way you want it. To begin, let us know the names in the description and if we have questions about the pronunciation or any details we will discuss these with you as part of the design process.

Takase Studios has both native English and native Japanese speaking translators so you know the translation will be absolutely correct. Further, we provide you with dictionary references and additional resources. This way you will be completely comfortable with the translation.

Along with the translation, we also work with you on the font and layout. We do this by emailing you samples that are hand-lettered by Master Takase. We then discuss and modify the design as needed. In this manner, you will have input into each step and we proceed in this fashion until the design is exactly the way you want it. We work with you to create a design that is just for you.

The final design is delivered digitally in Adobe PDF format. This means the final design will print out just as Master Takase designed it. The final design includes the original art, the matching line art that your tattoo artist will need to ink the design, and a description of each element in the design – the English, the Japanese reading and the Japanese text. The design is well documented so you know exactly what the tattoo says.

30 reviews for Family Bonds Japanese Tattoo

  1. Brian From United States

    It’s amazing! I wanted to have a way to show all my kids, and this was perfect! Eri did such a great job showing me different options and re-working it to my needs. Couldn’t be happier!

  2. Melissa from Australia

    It is the only place I would go for Kanji translation

    It is absolutely perfect! I have wanted to get a tattoo for more years than I can remember but wouldn’t do it until I found something personal & meaningful. Eri Takase provided the exact message I wanted to have. Her attention to detail and beautiful calligraphy gave me a piece of art that I am proud to display on my body forever. She also is extremely prompt which has been greatly appreciated. Thank you Eri – I would recommend you to anyone without hesitation.

  3. Greg from Australia

    Working with Eri enabled me to get exactly what I was looking. This was my third design and I have been more than happy with all three. Thanks for the great work Eri.

  4. Shinzou from England

    I am very happy and pleased. Great fast response, very pleasant and polite to talk to, excellent customer services.

  5. Kees from The Netherlands

    It was a great pleasure to work with Eri-san on the translation and the end result is just great. It was exactly what I want and one of my Japanese colleagues pronounced all the names completely like it should sound. Really great job, thanks Eri!

  6. Jean-Charles from Belgium

    Professional and fast mainly
    Eri did an amazing job, came back several times with improved version of my custum tatoo
    In the end it looks great

    Thanks Eri

  7. Andrew Wilson from UK

    Very Proffesional and considerate

    Very pleased, this will be incorporated into some traditional Japanese Tatoo work tha I am having done, and I can be confident that the Kanji art work means what it says,

  8. Mark Parker from UK

    excellent product and excellent service, offered advice and suggestions throughout. thoroughly recommended.

  9. Peter Booth from Norfolk, UK

    This is my 3rd design purchase from Takase Studios and again the design is unique and I feel it’s one of a kind. I can’t recommend the service enough.

  10. Bruce Spencer

    Eri made this a most fantastic experience, between the communication and the options with the design she really listened to what I wanted, I will highly recommend her to everyone and anyone. I plan on using her from now on exclusively for all my art work. Very beautiful work stunning and amazing.

  11. Tim and Sam Price from Silverstone, UK

    BRILLIANT!!!!! Had Eri do a design for us both to have after our wedding. She got it almost spot on with the first design and altered a couple of details within hours of our email. Had the tattoos done today and look stunning !!!! Will be getting another design done in the future by Eri.

  12. Brad from USA

    Great, fast service with brilliant designs

  13. Arash Haghani from Iran

    I am absolutely amazed.
    I got exactly what i wanted.
    Fast, kind and professional service.
    Thank you Master Takase!

  14. Evan from New Jersey

    The service was fast and their designs didn’t need any modifications. They created the perfect tattoo for me.

  15. David C from Tucson, AZ

    Could not be happier with Eri. She did a wonderful job explaining everything and showing me options. She was incredibly responsive. Can’t wait to get the work done. Thank you so much.

  16. Chris from Raleigh, NC

    Ms. Takase was very helpful and her responses very prompt. Her communication and skill ensured that I got exactly what I had hoped for. I would definitely recommend her to anyone. It has been a pleasure and I look forward to the next design.

  17. Dion and Jackie from Australia

    Eri was extremely patient and accomodating with our tattoo designs and what we wanted. After consulting our tattoo artist a few changes needed to be made to the designs, Eri was extremely prompt with the changes. I had my tattoo done yesterday (by a tattoo artist from Japan), the artist was very happy with the design and the stencil and I am extremely happy with the outcome. So is my husband who recently had his tattoo done, he got the Family Bonds tattoo which cme up great. Thank you Eri for your patince and your great designs, I will not hestitate to recommend you to everyone I know.
    Thanks again
    Kindest regards
    Dion and Jackie

  18. Chris from Alberta, Canada

    Absolutely top-notch artwork and customer service

    I am completely satisfied in all respects. From the initial design stage to the final proof, the experience was quite pleasant. Everything went quickly, smoothly and yet still felt hands-on throughout each step in the design process.

  19. Amy from North Dallas

    First tattoo ever for me and my husband ( both professionals in our mid 30’s) so we wanted something professional and tasteful that expressed the bond we share. After reading horror stories about people who got Kanji tats only to find out later that the symbols on thier bodies weren’t what hey thought we did our research and found Eri worked with us, on a Saturday no less, to come up with the perfect design. She delivered a beautful design that we had tattooed on our ankles the next day. Thank you so much Eri!

  20. Robyn

    Thank you so much! The final file was beautiful and perfect!

    Arigato gozai masu!

  21. Rein Swart from the Netherlands

    Thank you very much, i am very happy with the final version for my tattoo design family bonds, good idea to make two versions, the second one is much better for the Love Sign.

    Once again thanks a lot for the beautiful work you have done for me! I am very satisfied also on the good service you gave me, and your patience with explaining my questions.

    And when I want another tattoo or artwork with japanese characters I will come back to you, or if i now sombody that wants this also, i send him/her to your address on the internet.

  22. Kristen I

    WOW!!! This is more beautiful than I had hoped! I can’t wait to have it inked! I have talked about and shown your work to any and everyone who will let me! Thank You! I’m getting “Semper Fi” next to honor my and my husband’s time in the Corps.

  23. Warren Williams

    I love the “Family Bonds” tattoo you designed with my girls names and have enjoyed wearing it on my left shoulder for over four years. Thanks for re-sending me the final design in case I need to get the tattoo touched up later down the road.

    Warren Williams

  24. Marc Anenberg

    Eri did a great job helping me with my family bonds tattoo. She was very patient and make several revisions for me until I had just what I wanted.

  25. Travis Millis

    Thanks Eri for the incredible “Family Bonds” tattoo design. I have been looking for my first tattoo desin for 15 years and have finally found it. You were a pleasure to work with.

  26. Lauren Williford

    Eri is the BEST! Not only is she extremly talented, but, she provides EXCELLENT customer service throughout the design customizing process. My husband and I just had our custom tatoos inked last night, and LOVE them.Our tattoo artist was extremly impressed with Eri’s work, as well. We are alreasy brainstorming our next custom design! Thank you Eri!

  27. Richard Tomkins

    Eri is a wonderful artist. Her designs are inspiring and very beautiful. She was very helpful and informative when she assisted with my design, and provided the necessary templates for me to take to my tattoo artist in a very short space of time, from the time of ordering. I would recommend her work to anyone. I am infact in contact with her again for my next tattoo design. I wouldn’t allow anyone else to design another tattoo for me. Simply beautiful work!

  28. Raymond Bellville Jr.

    It was a great experience working with Eri on my tattoo design. She is wonderful to work with and very patient. Her work is beautiful and simply amazing. She was even able to meet the deadline I had for getting the final design so that I could get my tattoo done. I highly recomend her and this site. Thank you Eri I hope to do business with you again.

  29. Simon Melhuish

    Quite simply outstanding service!!! The process from initial thoughts to final piece was very quick, very professional and also very personal. I certainly didn’t expect this level of imput into the design. Eri was constantly in contact letting me know how things were going and the final artwork was outstanding. This won’t be the last order I place here. All I have to do now is find a tattoo artist who can do Eri’s work justice!

  30. John Chioco

    My experience with Eri has been nothing but positive. She was very patient and professional as we went through several iterations of the Family Bond kanji. The design was further challenged by having to incorporate 8 members of my family to the design without compromise to the design’s integrity. The final design was as I envisioned. The tattoo was completed two weeks ago and I am very satisfied with the outcome. The artwork was perfect… So much so that 3 pieces of the work have already been created for other family members. I am sure more orders are forthcoming. Thanks again, Eri!

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