Custom Japanese Tattoo

Tattoos are deeply personal and permanent. You need an experienced Japanese Calligrapher that will listen to you carefully and then provide you with suitable designs and explanations. One that will patiently work with you until your tattoo design is just right.

With over fifteen years experience and thousands of satisfied clients, Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase is the perfect partner to work with to get your custom Japanese tattoo. She is praised in review after review for her cultured art and for her courtesy and professionalism.

We walk you through it. Let us know what you want to express with your tattoo. We will then email you hand-brushed samples that have translations, different fonts, and different layouts. We get your feedback and make changes and continue until the design is exactly the way you want it.

The final design is emailed as an Adobe PDF file so it will print just as Master Takase brushed the art. And the final design includes the line art that your tattoo artist must have to properly ink the design.

Order now and get started on your new tattoo.

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Your Custom Japanese Tattoo

Custom Japanese Calligraphy Design No-Mindedness (mushin) by Eri Takase
Custom Japanese Calligraphy Design
No-Mindedness (mushin)
by Eri Takase

Our secret at Takase Studios is simple, we work with you until the design is perfect. There are no hidden fees, no fine print. We really want you to have a great experience and a great custom Japanese tattoo and so we work hard to make everything just right.

To begin, we need to know roughly the size you want the tattoo to be and what you would like your tattoo to express. In most cases, the Less than 5″ option is sufficient. And if you need it a bit larger, your tattoo artist can often resize the design when the stencil is made. Order the larger designs only when there are a lot of characters or a lot of detail. If in doubt, order the default less than five inches (12.7 cm) size.

Once we have your order, we will then create several options for the translation and several designs showing different fonts and layouts. These hand-lettered designs by Master Takase are then scanned, documented and emailed to you. We also include detailed explanations and links to online Japanese dictionaries and other independent resources when appropriate. We are happy to provide you with as much information as you need to be completely confident with the translation.

You can then examine the designs at your leisure and decide which samples you like. Based on your feedback, we create the next set of designs. And we continue in this fashion, you and Master Takase working together, until the design is exactly the way you want it.

This design process is fun, informative and normally takes two or three sample sets to arrive at the perfect design.

For a specific example see Custom Design Process where we show the designs and actual communications used to achieve a final design. This is a great example of the process we would use with you to create your custom Japanese tattoo design.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or email us directly at

Custom Japanese Tattoo Design Seven Virtues of Bushido by Master Eri Takase
Custom Japanese Tattoo Design
Seven Virtues of Bushido by Master Eri Takase

Translations You Can Trust We take great care in making sure that the designs we create are absolutely correct and we are happy to provide you with as much supporting material as you need to be completely confident with the translation.Takase Studios has both a native English speaking translator and a native Japanese translator. This way we are sure to understand the nuance and the context of the English and are able to render this in Japanese as close as possible.

We also have an extensive library and lists of online resources and are able to locate original Japanese quotes, poems, and sayings. So whether looking for original text in the Japanese National Archives or choosing the most suitable translation from our five different Japanese Bibles, whenever it exists we get the authoritative source for the translation.

Japanese Tattoo Design Falcon (hayabusa) by Eri Takase
Falcon (hayabusa) by Eri Takase
All designs are delivered as Adobe PDF and print exactly as designed. Along with the original art is the line art that your tattoo artist needs to ink the design

Tips For Your Perfect Custom Japanese Tattoo

Here we talk about what to look for in a final design and a few important points to consider before you have the design inked.

Our final designs include all you need to get your tattoo inked. On the right is an actual final tattoo design. Click on the image see the actual Adobe PDF and try printing it out. And, as you read along, notice that our final designs address all these points.

1) The final design must print accurately You want the design in a format that you can print and it will look exactly the way the artist created it. We use the Adobe PDF format which works on almost all hardware and is probably already on your computer. If not, you can download it for free from Adobe.

Final designs in JPG, GIF and many other formats print differently on different hardware and so are not satisfactory.

2) The final design must have the line art The line art is an outline of the design that your tattoo artist will use to make the actual stencil that will be applied to your skin. With the line art on your skin, your tattoo artist will then refer to the art to accurately ink the nuances of the design.

We strongly recommend that your tattoo artist not free-hand the design, but use the line art.

Both the final art and line art should be high-resolution images in case they need to be resized. Ideally, as we do, the line art should be vectorized so it will look good regardless of size.

Custom Japanese Tattoo Design Courage (yuuki) by Master Eri Takase
Custom Japanese Tattoo Design Courage (yuuki)
by Master Eri Takase

3) The final design must include documentation You want to make sure that the design is well documented. Over the years, if you have questions about the design you want to be sure you have all the details handy in one place. This includes the English, the Japanese reading, and the Japanese. And make sure the design includes how to contact the calligrapher!

Remember that over the years the tattoo will need to be re-inked. We have been doing this so long now that we get many requests for the originals – which fortunately we keep for our clients. However, to be sure it is best to have your own original for safekeeping.

4) Discuss the final design with your tattoo artist We always recommend discussing the tattoo design with your tattoo artist before your inking session. Here your tattoo artist will examine the design and discuss the placement. Issues may arise if there is not enough white space in the design in which case your tattoo artist may ask for adjustments. And these adjustments should be made by your calligrapher, not your tattoo artist. So make sure that you can go back to your calligrapher to have any needed adjustments made.

This issue rarely comes up for us and usually happens when the client wants the design significantly smaller than originally designed. In this case, adjustments may need to be made such as making the lines thinner.

Regardless of the reason, it is important that your calligrapher will make adjustments to the final design and that your calligrapher always defers to your tattoo artist. And for you, it is important that your calligrapher does not charge extra for this!

At Takase Studios, we have worked with thousands of tattoo artists from all over the world. And, while we rarely have issues, we always defer to the tattoo artist and always make the adjustments with no charge. Of course.

Japanese Tattoo Designs - Eternal Love by Master Eri Takase
“Eternal Love”
A special thanks to Anke and Torsten for sharing this photo

Calligraphy based Body Art Designs require mastery of the art as well as accuracy and attention to detail. You need to be able to interact with the artist at every level to ensure the accuracy and appropriateness of the design. We take great pride in providing you with all the information and feedback you need to ensure that you are getting a design that is just right for you.

We work with you on each step of the design and give you the personal attention you need so you will be completely comfortable and confident with your new Japanese tattoo.

Custom Japanese Tattoo Design Peace (wa) by Eri Takase
Custom Japanese Tattoo Design Peace (wa)
by Eri Takase
Custom Japanese Tattoo Design Mother (haha) by Eri Takase
Custom Japanese Tattoo Design
Mother (haha)
by Eri Takase
Custom Japanese Tattoo Design Large by Eri Takase
Custom Japanese Tattoo Design Large by Eri Takase
Custom Japanese Calligraphy Tattoo By Eri Takase as Part of a Larger Tattoo
Custom Japanese Calligraphy Tattoo By Eri Takase as Part of a Larger Tattoo

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or email us directly at

154 reviews for Custom Japanese Tattoo

  1. Jesper Holmquist

    Dear Eri,

    Thank you so much for all the beautiful designs and your sensitivity to all my ill educated wishes. I will wear this, until the day I die, with great pride for my many years of efforts and with satisfaction from the fact that the visual expression is as good as it possibly could be, without losing sight of context nor form. I am so happy that I found you and your website, it was exactly what I needed to be able to carry through something I have been thinking of with hesitation for many years. You have my warmest recommendations for anyone who would want a calligraphy design made. Working with you has been nothing but a great pleasure.

    Best regards,


  2. Martin Kato

    I’m grateful for your sincere intentions to meet my needs. This is my first tattoo, but perhaps not my last and I’m so excited to get this inked and share it with my wife and son.
    Maybe our paths will cross again on another design.
    Thanks again for your patience thru this process.


  3. Alston Lim

    i had purchase live laugh love tattoo design. n i love it so much ! i will recommend my frds to this website ! thank you !

  4. Ruud Moonen

    Eri put your ideas on paper. Some times it is difficult to get the translations right. I had some doubt about the names and the way the were pronounced but Eri walks you trough it al the way untill i am happy with it.

  5. Arwyn Gwyn from Wales

    found it absolutely incredible that I could get a tattoo of a female WELSH name, top drawer design and service

  6. Vince Vanlandeghem

    Amazing customer service, very professional

    I asked alot of questions for a specific pattern for a tattoo and Eri answered everyone of them, and then some.

    She is very professional, helpful and very quick to reply.

    I could tell that Eri is very passionate about her work and even did some research for me by herself to help me find what i was looking for.

    In short, excellent customer service!

    For everyone who has an idea for a pattern, i recommend you ask Miss Eri about it and she will do everything she can to help you!

  7. Scott

    Service was outstanding.

    Eri was amazing both in communicating and delivery. I will definitely be back. Highly recommended.

  8. Dennis

    Family bonds (custom design)

    I’m very happy with the result. Eri made some designs based on my initial request, and after a few emails and modifications the final design was ready.

    Eri was quick to reply, added great input and made beautiful designs.

  9. Elizabeth Chaput

    Professional master of this artistry, absolutely.

    A master artist is genuinely passionate in their custom craft and through the process of their own work, naturally inspire others. I have just completed a second custom bodyart design through the professional yet kind help of Shihan Takase. The final art, again, evolved through the process into the exact personal message ‘meant for me’ and much more beautiful than the original idea it began as. This is what occurs when the receiver approaches the collaboration with a certain willingness to be open to the master in the artist. Humbly grateful to receive your gift of artistry, time and energy imparted in this significantly personal gift/purchase.
    My respect and gratitude, Shihan Takase, and wishes that all your needs be met in all ways, now and beyond. Shine on. ~ Skoshicub 2015

  10. Beth

    I am extremely pleased. The entire experience was great from start to finish. I asked a lot of questions because I wanted to be absolutely sure I got exactly what I wanted. I am very serious about my tattoos so everything had to be right for this very special tattoo. Eri answered all my questions personally and thoroughly and it is obvious that she genuinely cares about me as a customer. I will definitely get another Japanese tattoo within the next few months, and this time I think I want to work with Eri for a custom tattoo.

  11. Drew Berwick

    Family Bonds for a tattoo

    I simply love it, its meaning is so special. Could not be happier with the design, thankyou

  12. Patrick

    Absolutely amazing!

    Very professionnal and effective! You can’t get any better than this! I can’t wait for doing an another one. Nothing more to say: try it!

  13. Steve

    Loved it
    I was very pleased with the quality, service, and speed of my order. I’ll recommend this site to others.

  14. Randy L

    AWESOME !!!!

    Kanji name for tattoo, MASON, LOVE ,ETERNITY

    all good, my tattoo artist loves it when I come ready to go, stencil, ect. resize a little and go… love it

  15. Hector


    I am really happy with the design of my tattoo,
    You guys have great customer service, I will recommend your products to anyone and I will begin to show off my new tattoo amongst my karate peers.

  16. Blaise

    Awesome !

    I both got a beautiful tattoo design that I can’t wait to get inked, and some insight on the Japanese language. The answers were quick, kind, always clear, and the designs were beautiful. Thanks very much !

  17. Jane Bash

    Great Help

    I spent years refining the words to set off an existing tattoo. After traveling to Japan and witnessing more fonts, I needed a master designer. I got that in Eri. Lovely, and thoughtful service & creations.

  18. Nadine Eram


    I am so incredibly happy with my tattoo design. Takase Sensei was so patient and continued to come up with new variations on my tattoo until I was 100% happy with it. Email correspondence was also very quick and I couldn’t have been happier with my whole experience. Arigatou Eri!!

  19. Karolina Wodyk

    Great skills & excellent customer service

    I strongly recommend to anyone who is looking for professional Japanese calligraphy tattoo design! Eri was not only a great help with coming up with the perfect translation into Japanese, but also provided many diffent designs until I chose the one I was looking for. Overall, fantastic skills, fantastic customer service & a design that amazed even my tattoo artist! Thank you very much!

  20. Paul

    great site with very good service from Eri.

    Eri is a real master in Japanese Calligraphy and she has done a great job in translating my wishes in a custom design. I am very happy with the result. Even the tattoo artist was impressed;-) Eri thanks a lot.

  21. Steve


    Everything is perfect — exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much for all your fine work, your professionalism, your attention to detail, and your prompt and helpful communication.

  22. Phil from Montreal, Quebec

    Excellent authentic service

    I am extremely pleased of my experience with Master Eri. She patiently walked me through a custom design based on my request and this despite my rather limited knowledge of kanji, steering me clear of any “faux pas”. I now have a tattoo design which I feel is authentic, beautiful and unique. The personalized process made this purchase truly a life enriching experience for me. Doumo arigatou gozaimasu.

  23. Jan from Netherlands

    is perfect

    Thank you for the design it mean a lot for me.

  24. Peter

    I couldn’t be happier. I was given more options than I asked for and every one of them was more than I expected. All that really needs to be said is that I am already thinking about my next piece.

  25. Sandy from Arizona

    Efficient and professional

    I love it! My first tattoo ever in memory of my beloved son. Thank you Eri Takase!!

  26. Ryan C

    Amazing Service & Support

    LOVED IT. Amazing work, amazing support and outstanding at even explaining what it is you are receiving. Thank you very much our family loves what you did for us!!!

  27. Elexander Fitzgerald Jr

    Working with Shihan Takase was pure joy. I had a translation that I thought was good but after consulting with her, she pointed me in a different direction that conveyed the, exact, message I wanted. She worked her magic to produce something spectacular. Her calligraphy is art at its highest level. I am overjoyed with what she has produced for me. I showed the tattoo artist her design and he was blown away. Like me, he thought it was the best he has seen by far and he has seen thousands. Thank you so much Eri. I am honored to have this art from you.

  28. David Nightingale

    I had been trying to find the right translation and design for a long time as it was going on my arm. After many months searching I came across this site and instantly liked what I saw. The style and composition of the design is just what I had been looking for. My tattooist even said its the best he had seen. Very pleased with the design and the tattoo is even better. I am now planning my next one

  29. Nathan Lowe

    Absolutely loved it, told my tattooist not to try and clean up any of the lines because I wanted it to look like it was painted onto my skin. The calligraphy makes for such a good tattoo, much more stylised than using regular Japanese symbols. I highly recommend Eri Takase’s work!

  30. Ged alker

    The best website of its kind without a doubt.

    I must of looked at every kanji website on the internet over a long period of time as i was putting toogether for a very large backpiece with a japanese theme,samurai warrior, lady buddah ,cherry blossom pagoda etc and has a focal point i used the designs from eri wich really stand out and compliment the above haveing emailed eri a few time over another design let me tell anyone wanting a design that nothing is too much for this master artist .

  31. MyLexusTech from Chicago

    Amazing !

    I had a very specific idea in mind for my tattoo and Eri did a beautiful job of taking my thoughts and created a one of a kind tattoo that is a work of art. I’m already planning my next tattoo and look forward to working with Eri in the future. Thank you sharing your craft with others.

  32. Christine Reyes

    I am so happy I bumped into this site (esp Eri Takase) in my search for kanji translation for my tattoo. It would have been difficult to find a tattoo artist skilled in both the art of kanji and tattoing. Master Takase was exactly what we needed to make our idea come to life. She interpreted our needs and offered variation to choose from, then hone in on and perfect. Would definitely recommend Master Takase. She’s pleasant to work with and quick to respond. Thank you Eri!

  33. Dr Thorpe

    Fantastic. My thoughts and ideas were directly entertained and various concepts were entertained and expressed. The communication was absolutely professional, prompt and personal. I will order more. Absolutely worth the price and WELL WORTH IT.

  34. Joni Dickson

    Communicated with Eri Takase. Very professional and personal. Doumo arigatou gozaimasu!!

  35. Jose D from Mexico

    Excellent costumer service

    I’m very satisfied with Eri’s work; she is super professional and talented. STRONGLY RECOMENDED!

  36. Laura Taylor from Toronto, Canada

    Eri was great to work with. I had a very clear idea of what I wanted to say but needed help making it work in Japanese. Then we worked together to design a seal with meaning that complimented the saying. Excellent service and excellent result!

  37. Kimberly from New Jersey, USA

    Authentic and very professional

    I’am a very satisfied customer! Master Eri worked with me very patiently and she was so easy to talk to. I had so many changes and requests with my order and she was really very accomodating and took my suggestions with great importance. She makes sure you actually get want you want. Like EXACTLY how you want it. I was very pleased i can’t even explain how happy I’am to have come across her website. Thank you so much Master Eri! Now your beautiful work will forever be a part of me!

  38. Andy Moore from England

    Excellent service, nothing too much trouble until the design was complete. Quick and friendly communications.

  39. Martine from Luxembourg

    I was very pleased with Takase-san’s work. You don’t only benefit from her friendly and quick support but the custom tattoo design is really stunning. I highly recommend Takase Studios…The best option to get something special, private, a tattoo just for you

  40. Cheryl from California

    Eri has designed two tattoos for me. Both were tribute tattoos for members of my family who have passed on. I am extremely satisfied and will be a repeat customer for life. Eri is very patient and prompt. She did 18 drawings for me to get it right. The best part is that I know my tattoo will be one of a kind designed especially for me with very special meaning. The process is fun…seeing your vision come to life is really awesome. I highly recommend Eri! Thank you Eri!

  41. Eric Tui from Singapore

    Dear Eri,
    Thank you so much for putting so much passion in the works that you do…
    With Many Thanks,

  42. Ryan Ralph from Las Vegas, NV

    Master Eri Takase is excellent! I paid for a custom Family Bond Tattoo and I received the first drafts within a few hours. She emailed me back and forth a few times over a day or so until I found the exact image I was looking for. All in all she drew up about 6 different combinations of characters, placements, and fonts. I chose from the 6 and created my favorite overall. Just got my tattoo done today and COULD NOT BE HAPPIER. It came out just as I wanted. Actually even better than I could’ve hoped for. Thanks SO much for everything!

  43. Christophe from France

    It’s beautiful, I leave my tattooist and I am happy with the work of Eri … My tattoo is beautiful
    Work Eri is up to the importance of my tattoo and Eri is more than helpful and a great understanding.
    A soon to work with you on my next project.

  44. Ryan from Boise, Idaho

    Amazing and personable

    It’s beautiful,amazing and better than I could have ever imagined! Eri worked with me to get the words and arrangement just right. She sent me multiple designs and was patient giving me definitions of words so I could make the decision that was right for me. This is a very important tattoo to me and and she made the experience a beautiful one. It is an amazing and satisfying process and I would highly recommend Eri to everyone. A sincere thanks to Eri

  45. Jeffrey from The Netherlands

    Perfect service!
    Eri worked with me on a custom tattoo design and was very quick and helpful. The design turned out perfect and the tattoo is a great tribute to my son. For my second tattoo, I chose 2 stock kanji, which were also great quality. Eri again was very helpful and extremely quick in answering my questions about the final design. Thanks very much Eri and I’ll be back for sure!

  46. John from Waltham, MA

    First let me say that it was a pleasure working with Eri on the design and the way he addressed all of my concerns/changes. This is going to be my first tattoo and I am very excited having it applied.

  47. Camden Carter from Kentucky, USA

    I have been more than satisfied and extremely happy with your art. This makes my third purchase from you and your work is fantastic, even my tattoo artist is impressed with the attention to detail and strokes of the brush. I will continue to come to your for all my needs! Thank you so much for sharing your gift!

  48. Carlito Deutzer from France

    Eri did a very good and speed job. I wanted a japanese tatto with a very good traduction and design and eri do that very good. She do a perfect and speed job and she work with you to shearch your favorite design.

    Thank you Eri

  49. Alexis Kristyan Fletcher from Bridgend, Wales. UK.

    Delighted with the design and the service Master Takase was most helpful and accommodating to my needs and concerns as translation was not the usual translation. It is a refreshing change to receive such a personal service from a highly talented and experienced individual.


  50. Mike N from Canada

    Eri was very quick and efficient with design and responses to my emails. Eri did 23 different versions until we got it right.

  51. Zach Hockin

    My design came out perfectly. Not only that, but the customer service has been great. I got the product quickly and after my computer crashed 2 years later, I was still able to get a copy of my design. I cannot say enough good things about the website, designs, everything!!!

  52. Willie from Cincinnati, OH

    PERFECT! Being somewhat familiar, but very rusty, with writing in Japanese, I was looking for a professional opinion on what I thought may be the correct translation for the phrase and name I ordered. The phrase just happened to already be on the site and the name turned out to be correct as well. With that said, The brush work is beautiful. Very well done. This site offers some great services.

  53. Samir from Cuba-Argentina

    An excellent website where you can find Kanji professionalism on the hands of Eris

    I’m lack of words to describe the art work that Eri has done, she have gold hands. It’s just stunning and highly recommend for those that love Japanese culture and all those people that simply look for serious work and well done by the hands of an splendid Shihan like Master Eri Takase, thank you very much Eri !


    very happy with Eri .So kind and patient .i like to thank for everything .wish u only all the best

  55. Sensei Matt Charles from Melbourne

    I am so pleased with the outcome of my custom order, Master Takase captured my thoughts exactly. The process was smooth, quick and nothing was too much trouble. Thank you again Shihan, i truly appreciate your efforts!!

    Sensei Matt Charles
    Seishin Karate-do

  56. Bill from Maryland, USA

    The process was quick and very personable. Ms. Eri was extremely responsive to the request for subtle changes in the brush stroke. Would highly recommend the process and it is priced very reasonably.

  57. Crystal from Dayton, OH


    My tattoo design was very personal and special to me. I had wanted a Japanese tattoo ever since my Japanese grandmother passed away over 10 years ago, but I wanted something special to me. Thanks to Eri Takase I found it!
    Eri was wonderful to work with. The communication with her and responsiveness was outstanding! I couldn’t have asked for anything more. She listened to what I wanted and sent multple designs for me to choose from.
    When my tattoo artist finished it he said that it was one of the best Japanese tattoos he had ever done or seen! I have gotten so many compliments on it and have recommended to numerous people already.
    I will definitely come back to get any art work or tattoo designs and will continue to recommend!
    Thank you again to Eri Takase!

  58. Kris O from Charlotte, NC

    Amazing work by Eri Takase. I already picked my idea and symbols. However, she transformed basic symbols in an unique design. I already put it on my skin and love it!

  59. Lindsey from London

    Absolutely brilliant!

    Was exactly what I wanted. Emailed Eri throughout order process and got all the help I needed. Final result was perfect and cannot praise the site and Eri highly enough!

  60. Evelyn from Phoenix, Arizona

    I am extremely impressed. Eri is very responsive and has the most wonderful ideas for the designs. Her communication is outstanding and she provided a range of designs that were all beautiful. This definately a site that I will return to again.

  61. Steve from Minnesota

    I purchased two tattoo’s in Dec 2011 – Grace and Faith for my left shouler, and I just purchased a custom tattoo – Life, for my left pec. The process was easy. Eri was great to work with, very thorough and accomodating. I look forward to future purchases.

  62. Travis from Las Vegas

    I am very happy with my purchase and the tattoo came out great! I am so happy I found a place where I felt I could feel confident that the translation was correct. I have been wanting a tattoo of this type for approximately 10 years and thanks to your artwork, I am a very happy person!

  63. Chris from Germany

    I am very happy with my purchase.
    The work with Eri was very nice and I enjoyed it a lot.

  64. Rob van Beurden from the Netherlands

    It was my second order for Mrs. Takase, the first one for my own tattoo design, this one for my son’s. Mrs. Takase’s design(s) are truly beautiful, perfect service and excellent and swift answers to all my questions. We will be back!

  65. Darcie from Colorado

    After years of searching for a unique, meaningful design for a tattoo, my husband and I stumbled on We were able to work with Eri to customize the “Family Bonds” design. We had great communication and suggestions throughout the entire process and we couldn’t be happier! Beautiful work!

  66. Ian from Pennsylvania, USA

    LOVE IT!

    Wonderful Wonderful Experience – I got my tattoo 7 years ago and it was exactly what I wanted. I recently contacted them to get a copy of the design and had no problems getting it!

  67. Arthur Mazeau

    I have been completely satisfied with both of my purchases. I was on the fence as to which design I wanted, so I bought both. I found an artist to ink my first choice, and was just so pleased, I have already started the second project! I train in Washin-Ryu Karate under Master Hidy Ochia, and this weekend I was at our inter-dojo tournament. Sensei Ochiai always gives out gifts to all students, and the gift yesterday was a small slip of paper, with the meaning of Fall Down Seven, Get Up Eight. I had not seen Sensei Ochiai since I had done the tattoo, and it was so unique that he had chosen this theme for this event. when I had my turn to receive my gift, I told Sensei that this saying held a special meaning for me, then when he looked up at me, I rolled up my sleeve and showed him the artwork. His face broke into a smile, and he said “it says the same thing!” I was happy that the work was so well received, and that it had brought a smile to his face!

    I have started the second tattoo, but with the meaning of this Haiku, I wanted it to be even more unique, so I discussed with my artist my thoughts and created a working model for her to use with her own creativity. The Haiku is “In a World of Grief and Pain, Flowers Bloom, Even Then”. I had been looking at photos of Hiroshima after the dropping of the atomic bomb, and the devastation that was created. I also have seen the rebirth in Hiroshima, beautiful parks, flowers blooming, peaceful scenery, so I worked with the past and the present to present the theme in graphic art of devastation, turbulent clouds of smoke, dark devastation and then the sun breaking through the clouds to shine a few bright rays down below the original Haiku, to highlight the blooming of flowers, out of destruction, a rebirth of nature?

    I have another three weeks before the completion of the project, but so look forward to being able to display this great material for all.

  68. Mark and Debbi from New Hampshire

    Very Impressed

    Eri was great to work with. She was patient with changes and in the end captured our feelings in a custom design.We are very happy with her artistry.

    Thank You

  69. Camden from Kentucky

    Love It!

    As someone who studies martial arts, the code of bushido and it’s virtues are a way of life for me. I recently purchased the seven virtues for a tattoo and I love it!! My tattoo artist was very impressed with the quality and attention to detail of the work. I will forever more continue to purchase all my translations and work from this site! Thank you so much for what you do!

  70. steve tonks from england

    excellant site came back with several design options before sending the final desing very good suggestions and would use this site again and recommend to others

  71. Garrett

    I just wanted to write you to compliment the site and tell you how nice the product is. My tattoo artist was so thankful that you provided an outline and a solid graphic to work with. I wish you all the best, GH

  72. Jose from California

    Outstanding Kanji’s

    My purchase was very detailed and had very deep meaning to me. Shihan Takase was very responsive to my needs and worked diligently & professionally with me to make sure it was all a Perfect pattern of kanji’s to my satisfaction. The design came out very impressive and since then I have already started to order additional Kanji’s…

    Again Shihan Takase thank you very much!

  73. Mari from Norwalk, Ohio

    I could not be more pleased with the design and the tattoo itself. It is really beautiful and I’ve had a lot of compliments on it. It holds very deep meaning for me, so it was important to get everything right, which we definitely accomplished.

    The communication with Eri was outstanding. Her responses were very prompt. All of her designs were beautiful, and her input was very informative.

    I HIGHLY recommend working with Eri to anyone considering a tattoo!!

  74. Steve Chervinsky from Canada

    I had a VERY special tattoo design in mind. After conversing with Master Takase about what the tattoo was going to signify she worked with me to get EXACTLY what I wanted. Her work is amazing and she works with you closely to give you everything you are hoping for. The design is beautiful and I will send her the results once it is done in a couple of weeks. Eri, thank you for being part of this whole process and giving me everything I wanted.

  75. Pat from North Olmsted, Ohio

    The translation/calligraphy of a phrase that is very meaningful to me is beautiful. My tattoo artist was able to do the tattoo without any problem. I could not be happier with it. Thank you!

  76. Fred from Seattle, WA

    Looking to get my first tattoo… at ’50’, and being of Japanese descent I knew I wanted to get names and words translated into Japanese. While searching the internet I came across Eri’s site and I knew with a few clicks that I had found what I was looking for… and by reading the other testimonial’s I’m not the only one!!
    Working with Eri was great, very responsive, and an amazing artist!

    Thanks again Eri… you’ll hear from me again.

  77. Justyn Soames from England

    Excellent site

    Eri provided several design possibilities, which were all great. Communication was good and prompt, I will definitely be using Eri’s services again.

  78. Ans from Netherlands

    Thanks for your design, it’s exactly what my husband wanted.
    Now we received it, he directly made an appointment with a tattoo artist, that job will be done today.

    We’re happy that we found you and your fantastic work on the internet!

  79. Wendy Jones from Wodonga, Australia

    Absolutely Brilliant!

    This is the second tattoo that Eri has designed for me. Both tattoos hold great emotional meaning for me so I was very particular on what I wanted and I couldn’t be happier. The professional manner and beautiful artwork are simply outstanding!

  80. Andy from Brazil

    I’ve just got my tattoo done and it looks amazing. Ms. Takase provides a very reliable source of kanji designs. Her work is very impressive, beautiful art! Congratulations and my best regards.

  81. Matthew from Kansas

    Fantastic Resource

    Master Takase was a pleasure to work with. She was very patient as I considered several design ideas. Her responses were timely and full of advice and suggestions. The design is wonderful and I highly recommend her services! Domo arigato!

  82. Mav from America

    I’m very pleased with my design. Eri’s work is very Elegant; working with her was a delight. Responses were fast and she understood what I wanted to convey with my choice. Very happy indeed!

  83. Melinda from Fairbanks Alaska

    I do not think I can put into words how I feel about my Family Bonds Tattoo. I love it beyond expression. Eri, Thank you so much! Eri’s work is perfect in every way. I received so many compliments on the design even before the tattoo was done, including the tattooist himself. I will be a repeat customer and HIGHLY recommend Eri to all who wants quality calligraphy work.

  84. jarrod from california

    very happy with Eri, she took the time to make sure we had the pronunciation right and gave me some of her own input. thank you.

  85. Rob van Beurden from the Netherlands – The Isle of Texel

    Eri is a true Master, very extensive info and fast delivery of the designs. Thumbs up!

    Perfect design, just the way I pictured it in my head. Highly recommended.

  86. Jennifer Morton from England

    Absolutely 1st class

    Fantastic. Fast reply was not expected, yet superceeded all expectations ! I’d definately recommend you to everyone

  87. Tracey Devon from Australia

    The service was just great. The design is perfect and Eri was very attentative and prompt… just great..

  88. Bart from The Netherlands

    perfect, quick service

    I’m very pleased with my Family bonds design. Eri, thank you for your prompt responses and excellent work.
    I can’t wait to get it inked so I can show it to everybody with pride.

    Thanks for everything.


  89. Shari from USA


    My design is perfect. Communication with Eri was prompt and detailed when needed. My design is simple but classy – I can’t wait to have it inked on and will be proud to show it!

  90. Matt from Canberra Australia

    Eri, do you ever sleep? Reply’s to my queries were always quick and clear and I’m on the other side of the world. Great experience and I’ll be using the site again in the future. Thank you very much!

  91. Jennifer O from Guelph, Ontario

    I have been debating for years now about a new tattoo design. It wasn’t until I saw Eri’s website that I started to get really inspired.

    Working with Eri was simple and very rewarding. I would definitely work with her again and recommend her to friends.

    Thank you Eri.

  92. Kristen from Northern VA

    The tattoo could not have been more gorgeous, and Eri was a delight to work with. We will definitely be repeat customers and we will recommend the site happily!

  93. Tracey Devon from Australia

    My experience with Eri has been second to none. My custom design was not straightforward as it had to fit in an odd shaped area. Her creativity, dedication and professionalism is some of the best I have experienced. Thank you Eri…

  94. Petra from Switzerland is an awesome website and Eri is an awesome person

    I’m very happy that I found Eri to have the possibility to work together with her! Thank you very much for your hard work Eri, it is a pleasure to work together with you and I can’t be happier, I love the design, thanks for everything! I have been searching for a special and meaningful first tattoo since a long time and now I hold it in my hands… Thank you, you’re a great artist!

  95. J Castro from Miami

    This is my 2nd time working with Eri and the process just keeps getting Better. Eri is professional and easy to work with, considering all the little tweaks I requested. The Final product came out better than I ever imagined. Will be getting it ink’d next week!!!

    Thank you Eri!!!

  96. Sean from Texas

    Eri did a great job of coming up with some amazing tattoo designs for me…great communication…couldn’t be happier – thanks!

  97. Aimee from California

    Excellent designs and service

    The tattoo artwork I purchased came out great thanks to your exquisite writing skills. My friend loves his tattoo and is still in the healing process, but the tattoo artist was able to capture the brush strokes and it looks awesome! I also love the scroll which we plan to frame. Thank you so much for the great service!

  98. Ben from Hawaii

    Eri, Thank you very much for your hard work and patience. I love the final design. You are a great communicator, easy to work with and truly a great artist. I have enjoyed working with you on this meaningful design. This has been a great experience. A hui hou…Aloha. Mahalo Nui Loa Malama Pono, Ben

  99. Nicholas from New York

    I purchased a wonderful design years ago. I then had questions about it and received all the information I was looking for, with kindness and speed. It continues to be service above and beyond. Thank you very much!

  100. John Reid from Canada

    think it is fantastic, and so does my wife as well as my children…all 5 of them!

    Service was fast, professional and educational…it is no wonder why some individuals are successful at their chosen vocation

  101. Phillip from United States

    Takase San was very easy to work with and made a great effort to clarify exactly what I wanted. The end result was perfect and I could not have been happier! Thank you again.

  102. Melissa from Australia

    It is the only place I would go for Kanji translation

    It is absolutely perfect! I have wanted to get a tattoo for more years than I can remember but wouldn’t do it until I found something personal & meaningful. Eri Takase provided the exact message I wanted to have. Her attention to detail and beautiful calligraphy gave me a piece of art that I am proud to display on my body forever. She also is extremely prompt which has been greatly appreciated. Thank you Eri – I would recommend you to anyone without hesitation.

  103. Jim S. from Virginia, USA

    Greetings Eri-san, I’ve just received the final version of the latest custom design you created for me and it is absolutely stunning. My sincere thanks for yet another (the third) gorgeous piece of art. The composition and interplay of the cursive kanji you created resulted in an absolutely beautiful design that exceeded anything I imagined. Thank you also for the patient guidance you provided in regard to the subtleties of meaning, nuance and relationship of the characters used in the design.

    As always, I very much appreciated your prompt responses, professionalism and the attention and awareness you displayed to my needs as a client. It is a distinct pleasure and privilege to be able to work with a master artist of your caliber and character.

    My Sincere Thanks and Best Wishes Always,

    Jim S.

  104. James from Virginia, USA

    I *love* it!

    Master Takase,

    In the interest of full disclosure I must start by saying I am a repeat customer. You designed my first tattoo for me, and over the past decade or so I have been back for more, both working directly with you and purchasing various works from However this latest design you did for me is easily my favorite tattoo. Typically, I take a long time to consider tattoos, normally a year or so. I do this because I think getting a tattoo is serious; after all, it is basically permanent. It can affect how society interacts with you, etc. But after receiving the final design, I just KNEW it would be days before I had this tattoo done; your design literally blew me away.

    For potential customers: the support you get from Takase Studios is great. If you choose a custom design like I did, the interaction you get from Master Eri is second-to-none. She is patient, she is communicative, she listens and she addresses any concerns you might have. Most of all, she is responsive. And you can rest assured that your design will be both beautiful and accurate.

    My latest tattoos are only a few days old, and yet I have been stopped multiple times and asked “What does that say?” and “who designed that for you?” I am proud to say “Master Eri Takase”. People have so far been very impressed. And I too am impressed, even after all this time. Thank you Master Eri!

  105. Tamara

    Eri, the design is perfect. Thank you for making the process so easy and timely. I will be recommending you and your beautiful artwork to my friends and family.

  106. Hayri Inonu from Turkey

    Master Takase-san is the best.

  107. Joe Bottini from Alaska

    Very satisfied with the custom design and responsiveness by Eri. Exactly what I wanted and resolved in the exchange of just a few e-mails.

  108. Jenaro Pliego Fox from Mexico City

    I?m very please about the special orders that I ask Sensei Eri Takase to design for me, he is an amazin human being that touch my life through his art design.. Arigato Sensei.

  109. Michael G from Chicago

    Great website with fast service.

    I am so pleased with both the service and the sensitivity of Eri Takase. It is so important to make sure that the symbols cannot be misinterpreted or have a second meaning and that was pointed out to me

  110. Jason and Donna Casiano

    My wife and I have purchased both Stock and custom Kanji symbols for hers and my tattoos. Frankly, Eri Takase is the only person we trust when it comes to Kanji. Thank you for such excellent work.

  111. Aubre Stacknick

    Eri was amazing to work with. Thorough, exact, helpful, quick, and so worth the money when the final result is a permanent fixture on your body. I wouldnt use anyone else. Thx Eri! You Rock!

  112. Kali from Greece

    I am totally satisfied with my purchase! Master Eri was more than wonderful, always prompt at her replies and willing to do all the changes I wanted in absolutely no time! if you are really looking for the best kanji tattoo, search no more, this is the right place to look for! Eri, thank you for everything! Keep up the good work!

  113. Alisa

    Very nice design. Love it and will be back for more!

  114. Nicole from Canada

    It’s perfect!

    I’m very excited, thank you so very much. I will forever be grateful to you.

    I hope I can work with you again sometime soon on another similar project.

  115. Denise from Montreal, Canada

    It was perfect, and it looks great. I am very proud to display the tattoo. I’ve got my next one already picked out and ready to go. Thank you!

  116. Jim S. from Virginia

    Eri-san made my first tattoo experience a memorable one. She was extremely receptive to my ideas, patient throughout the many revisions and most helpful with any questions I had. I just received the final design and it is absolutely beautiful. Both the meaning and aesthetic quality of the design are exactly what I had hoped they would be. Thank you once again Eri for all of your effort. It was a pleasure and a privilege to work with an artist of your caliber. I look forward to working with you again. All My Best, Jim

  117. Glenn from Honolulu

    EXCELLENT site. Best customer service around. Eri is very quick to respond and is very pleasant to with

    I am very pleased with design. I feel blessed to have discovered this site and to have been able to have Eri work with me to create design. Everyone thinking of using kanji for tattoo needs to check this site. Eri provided insight that only someone well versed in Japanese language would know. For the phrase I wanted, which I got from an online translator, Eri informed me that one of the words was not needed as it is implied, and one of the characters was optional. Great to know. Had I used the online translation, tattoo would have looked silly. Thank God I was able to work with Eri.

  118. Kym from Australia, but live in Japan

    I was given many options. My ideas were carefully listened too and advice was always given when needed.
    At first I was worried about planning a design over the internet, but Takase-san was always quick to respond and offered great service.

  119. Andrew Slice

    Working with Ms. Takase was delightful. She was quick to respond and easy to work with. Her designs are beautiful and really display her talent.

  120. Carissa from Oregon

    Just wanted to let you know that I received the translation perfectly and it is absolutely beautiful! You do amazing work and I greatly appreciate your time and service.

    I will definitely be back again!

  121. Patrick Langford

    I had a great experience with Eri Takase. Everything was done to my requests. Eri was very easy to work with and was a great communicator. I usually don’t trust services like this, but was recommended by my brother. I was very happy with the level of professionalism and the options and layout styles that were presented. I will use this service again. Thanks so much!!!!

  122. Jean from USA

    Eri’s business ethics goes far beyond what I’ve ever witnessed in any online business as well as any local establishment. Her only goal was make sure I ended up with an art piece that I would be satisfied with and that is exactly what I received. I never felt hurried, even with my endless questions. She is VERY responsive via email communications which was amazing to me. Thank you Eri!

  123. Jimmy D from Miami Florida

    I purchased all seven of the ‘Seven Virtues of Bushido’ several years ago and have had all but one of them tattooed on my left arm. Eri worked with me via email and the end product that was mailed to me of each design was unbelievable!! I highly recommend any of her custom work!!! I am often stopped and complimented regarding her work.

  124. Dion and Jackie from Australia

    Eri was extremely patient and accomodating with our tattoo designs and what we wanted. After consulting our tattoo artist a few changes needed to be made to the designs, Eri was extremely prompt with the changes. I had my tattoo done yesterday (by a tattoo artist from Japan), the artist was very happy with the design and the stencil and I am extremely happy with the outcome. So is my husband who recently had his tattoo done, he got the Family Bonds tattoo which cme up great. Thank you Eri for your patince and your great designs, I will not hestitate to recommend you to everyone I know.
    Thanks again
    Kindest regards
    Dion and Jackie

  125. Pascal from The Netherlands

    Skill- and graceful design.
    Quick response to e-mails.
    The place to be!

  126. Lorraine from Australia

    Thank you for your awesome idea for my first tattoo, I really like it. I know that this will not be the end of using your website, I will return soon.

  127. Jason from St. Louis, MO

    Eri Takase totally came through. She gave me exactly what I had in mind with good communication. Just put in another order.

  128. Nicolas from France

    Je suis enti?rement satisfait du tatouage personnalis? et aussi de la prestation de eri. Tr?s bonne communication malgr? la barri?re de la langue, r?ponses rapide, nombreuses modifications de la calligraphie pour arriver ? un r?sultat parfait.
    A conseiller vivement. Merci Eri

  129. Sam from South Carolina

    The design you created for me is simply gorgeous. I love it and will be honored to wear it. It is so much better than satisfactory that I do not have the words. You have given me a design that will honor my late wife for the rest of my days. Thank you so very much.


  130. Jim from Central Coast NSW Australia

    Absolutly fantastic organisation in the design of peoples hopes and dreams.

    More then ecstatic with the design and found the right tattooist to apply it made the experience awesome.

    Two more designs are on the cards at present and am not hesitating about going though this mob again.

  131. Risa from California

    Got my tatoo this weekend. It looks great. Thank you for your help.

  132. Pankaj Mor from India

    I had a rough idea for my tattoo when I contacted Eri. She is very prompt in her responses and has great knowledge of Japanese and the cultural associations of the tattoos. She gave great advise and helped me to get my tattoo finalized which I have been looking for long time and this tattoo rocks!! Thanks to her.

  133. Ankur from Dehli

    this is exactly what i wanted….thanks a ton…i will surely recommend you to all my friends….thanx again…will send you the pics when i get the tatoo done…..

  134. Vanessa from Iowa

    I love Eri’s work! This is my third piece I have ordered from her, and will be getting my tattoo this Saturday. Eri is very prompt at getting back with different ideas and helps make decisions every step of the way! If I decide to get another tattoo, I will most definitely be contacting Eri for another piece!!! Thanks Eri!!!!!

  135. Tara from Kansas City, MO

    I am very, very happy with my custom tattoo. It is exactly how I wanted it. I am confident in getting it tattooed knowing that the translation is correct. Eri was patient with me and worked with me to get it just how I wanted it to be. Wonderful experience!

  136. Rich

    I am very impressed with the final design. Moreover, I am pleased with your attentiveness to my order; especially, on such short notice.

    It truly has been a pleasure working with you.

  137. Cindy Dimitry-Rilling

    This is my 3rd purchase: 1 wall hanging and 2 tattoos. Sensei is not just very talented, and works with you so easily so that you are pleased with the final result, she has empathy for everyone of her customers. I’ve picked my tattoos very carefully, both remembrances for my late husband and Eri’s empathy gave these tattoos even more meaning for me.
    Domo Arigato Gozaimasu
    Dimitry-Rilling, Cindy

  138. Nekoko from Denmark

    Just returned from a month in Tokyo, this year, going out in the evenings, I more freely dressed so that my tebori/your artwork on my shoulder and back could be seen, – and the responses, from nihonjin were clear: What an unusually beautiful “tattoo”, their reactions profounding as they read the haiku, and even more learning that how this piece came about – tebori of your artwork.
    Your shodo is admired and appreciated. Thankyou )

  139. David Dupuis

    Thank you Eri for making our custom design! Awesome communication and professionalism is way over our expectations !!

    a dream coming true

  140. Kelly from Pennsylvania

    Master Takase was a pleasure to work with. We worked together to get the best possible outcome. The final translation of “strong-willed” was exactly what I wanted. I have added that kanji to the others on my body. I would definately come back for another custom piece. Thank you again!

  141. Walter Coates

    Eri worked with me through many changes and transformations of my design. Her suggestions and insight were very helpful in choosing the final design.

    I could not have asked for a more pleasant person to work with. I will definitely contact her again should I decide to get any more of this type of work done. I would not trust something this important to anyone else.

    Thank you so much Eri!!

  142. Ronald Holliday

    Amazing work! I was very happy with Eri’s design and professional work ethics. Actually, I was quite surprised to receive 4 different variations of the artwork to start with. Normally I am very picky about these kind of things, but I fell in love with the very first variation. I came here for the reassurance that I would have the correct translation for my families names. Thank you Eri!

  143. Travis Millis

    Thanks Eri for the incredible “Family Bonds” tattoo design. I have been looking for my first tattoo design for 15 years and have finally found it. You were a pleasure to work with.

  144. Lisa from Reno, NV

    We are very please with the purchase. Both of us have received numerous compliments and have been asked where we found our tattoos design. We given the site for them to checkout!
    Now, we’re looking to add more to the design.
    Thanks so much and look forward to our next one!!

  145. John from Canberra, Australia

    I love the kanji tattoo that I recently had done. Mt tattoo artist was very impressed with the quality of the stensil. the finished product actually looks like it has been painted on in the traditional style! My wife is also considering a number of designs for her first

  146. Aoloa Santos

    Eri worked with me and my design very closely and what came out of it was a “MASTERPIECE”. She is so sweet, friendly, and very easy to work with..she was so patient with me during the whole process and I appreciated her commitment to making me happy with my tattoo design.

    I later came to her in between all of that to see if she could help me with another design for my maiden name, since I had the kanji already, I needed it to be redone. Despite the work she was already doing for me she was more then willing to help me with this project too. I not only got another tattoo design with my family name, and done beautifully may I add, but I was also able to get a custom art done for my Dad since he’s so proud of his Japanese heritage and family. She even went out of her way to make sure I received the art piece and calligraphy set by Father’s Day, even when I brought this to her three days before Father’s Day. At such late notice I wasn’t expecting it to be done by Father’s Day but she worked her magic and made it happen. My dad is not one for the dramatics when it comes to gifts but he was so happy with the art piece and the calligraphy set. Just from his expression I know I topped all his other gifts, thank to Eri.

    I am a total fan of Eri’s work and am proud to say that I am wearing a genuine piece of art that she made. Though my dad isn’t a fan of tattoos he was so blown away when I showed him what she designed and said if he ever got a tattoo that’s exactly what he would want, the calligraphy was in his words “just beautiful.” Thank you, Eri, for your talent and for the service you provided to get me everything I wanted so promptly. I will be back for more that’s for sure!

  147. Yves BABITCH

    Dear Eri,
    Thanks a lot for your great work on my tattoo design. The result looks exactly as I expected.
    I encourage everyone to buy a ‘Custom work’ design : you will soon forget the price you paid when you get the result, and you are sure to get a unique design. Communicating with Eri is easy and fast, so you get your definitive design very quickly, unless you need more time to change your mind.
    Really a perfect – and human – service !

    Yves Babitch

  148. Zachary O’Rourke

    Thank you so much for the time and effort put into the beautiful design!! Eri (and anyone else) she works with does AMAZING work! She was very willing to work with me through every step, leaving me with plenty of time to think of what I wanted it to look like. There is no other person that I would rather trust to design a unique, one of a kind calligraphy piece for tattoo artwork. For me, with as unique as the Kanji are that I got, I am guaranteed that I will never come across another person with as stunning of artwork as I have, thanks to Eri!

    If you are looking for peace of mind in translation look no further because she makes sure you know what it means. Also, going through Eri is the best choice because it takes out a big chunk of the tattoo artists work (not to mention you would be hard-pressed to find any tattoo artist that could come close to replicating Eri’s level of skill!) It’s the greatest feeling to have my tattoo design and stencil and walk into the tattoo shop and be ready to go, knowing exactly what it will look like from the start!

    Thanks Again!!!

  149. Zach from Wisconsin

    I am not only impressed by the artwork, but also by the exceptionally fast service. Great support and responses and help dealing with a small glitch on Paypal’s end. I could not have asked for a better experience in getting what I needed for my piece. I’d recommend this site to anyone looking for quality work.

  150. Stanley Richter

    Your designs (if that is the best word for it) are amazing! The artist I use in Las Vegas loves them! You can actually see the brush strokes when he does them.

    I am so happy I found your website. Translation is “everything”!

    I am pulling everything together and will send it to you and we can work on the custom design for the next one.

    Thank you again.



  151. Daniel Corder

    The Tattoo design is PERFECT!! Thank you very much and please say thank you to anyone else that was involved. You guys have great communication, and all your work is clear and easy to understand, its been as easy as pie to work with you and your team. I would recommend you to all my friends in the UK. Love your work!!

  152. Stephen and Natalie Cyr

    Hi Eri,

    Thank you very much for this design. I love it.

    It was a pleasure doing business with you and you are extremely fast. I will definitely recommend you to everyone that I talk to.



  153. Andrew Rafferty

    You thank me for the order and I will thank you for such incredible craftsmanship.
    It is so beautiful that I have printed the document at photo quality and I shall be framing it and putting it on my wall.
    Thank you for your speedy reply and service and I will, for what its worth, be recommending you to anybody who will listen !

  154. Julie Mills

    This is Julie Mills and I just wanted to tell you that I did get my tattoo that you designed on Wednesday December 3rd at Slave to the Needle in Seattle. My artist’s name was Clark and he was fantastic.

    As soon as the tattoo heals a bit I will have a picture taken of it and send to you. The highest compliment I received so far, came from a woman (who was second generation Japanese) who was helping me apply some ointment onto my tattoo two weeks ago and was very impressed by the caligrapher who designed the tattoo for me. As she applied the ointment, she began to read it out loud and commented how beautiful it was.

    Others have said that the tattoo artist who applied the design on me, was very accurate as well – like the picture – they said. So needless to say I am very happy to have found you and took the chance to put your work on my body, as I express my love for the soulmate, I recently discovered in my life.

    Domo Arigato Gozaimasu Eri-san,

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