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Japanese Calligraphy is all about movement and movement simply cannot be taught in a book. This is why we offer our unique courses on CD-ROM. Each CD in the series shows detailed explanations, stroke order, and frame by frame analysis and there are over thirty videos showing proper technique for brushing the character.

Along with the correct way to brush the character, student samples and videos are also shown with corrections and explanations. By showing both right and wrong technique one learns what is correct and how to fix what is not.

This CD work on Microsoft Windows, Mac and Linux and all major browsers include Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox.

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Kaisho Basic: CD 1

This is the first section of the Takase Shodokai Learn Japanese Calligraphy Series.

This section introduces Japanese Calligraphy using the kaisho (Block) font. Kaisho is probably the most commonly seen Japanese font today and is noted as being bold and powerful with precise and crisp lines.

By the end of this section the student will have a good understanding of the tools used in Japanese calligraphy along with their usage and care. The student will also have a solid introduction to the basic strokes and lines that comprise the kaisho font.

Lesson 1 – Tools

In this first lesson, we discuss the tools required for Japanese Calligraphy. We discuss what to look for when purchasing tools and their proper care. Finally, we discuss their usage including how to hold the brush and how to prepare the ink.

Lesson 2 – Lines

In this lesson we concentrate on basic lines where we cover the three basic styles each of yokoga (horizontal lines), tatega (vertical lines) and tensetsu (compound lines).

Lesson 3 – 永 ei (Eternity)

This lesson focuses on the eight basic strokes of kaisho calligraphy using the kanji for Eternity which is ei in Japanese.

Ei (Eternity) is usually the first character taught as it includes all of the basic strokes which are yokoga, migibarai, hidarihane, hidaribarai,
ten, migihane, tatega, and tategahane.

Lesson 4 – 本 hon (Book)

In this lesson we focus on the two harai strokes and on drawing yokoga (horizontal lines) which will cleanly bisect the tatega (vertical line).

Lesson 5 – 自 ji (Self)

In this lesson we focus on ten, tatega, yokoga, and tensetsu.

Lesson 6 – 由 yuu (Reason)

Finally we focus on the character yuu 由 concentrating again on the tatega and tensetsu.

This character combined with ji 自 from the previous lesson gives us the word jiyuu 自由 meaning Freedom or Liberty.

In the next CD, we continue to practice the basic strokes and learn new variations by practicing six new kanji.


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