Learn Japanese Calligraphy CD03

Japanese Calligraphy is all about movement and movement simply cannot be taught in a book. This is why we offer our unique courses on CD-ROM. Each CD in the series shows detailed explanations, stroke order, and frame by frame analysis and there are over thirty videos showing proper technique for brushing the character.

Along with the correct way to brush the character, student samples and videos are also shown with corrections and explanations. By showing both right and wrong technique one learns what is correct and how to fix what is not.

This CD work on Microsoft Windows, Mac and Linux and all major browsers include Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox.


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Kaisho Basic: CD 3

This is the third section of the Takase Shodokai Learn Japanese Calligraphy Series.

In this section, we are going to continue to focus on lines and strokes. I hope that you have started to become accustomed to the strokes and that these are beginning to feel natural.

Your work should be similar to or surpass, that of student 2. If your work is beginning to consistently resemble or surpass that of student 1 then you are doing well.

Lesson 13 – mimi (Ear)

This is the first chance that we have had to work on a shin type tatega. The other feature to concentrate on is the migihane at the bottom of the character.

Lesson 14 – te (Hand)

The two features we will concentrate on is the hidarihane and the main tategahane.

Lesson 15 – kome (Rice)

This lesson gives us a chance to revisit the opposing hidaribarai and migibarai.

Lesson 16 – kuni (Country)

Before moving to two characters with important curved lines moving into a hane stroke,
we are going to work with kuni that gives us a large tensetsu along with smaller yokoga.

Lesson 17 – hikari (Light)

The main focus is a nice balance between the hidaribarai and the long curved stroke on the right ending in a hane stroke.

Lesson 18 – sora (Sky)

We end this section with sora which is a nice combination of precise tatega and yokoga along with two curved lines ending in a hane stroke.


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